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Plagiarism charge in new textbook

Zafar Iqbal expresses disappointment

Published : 17 Jan 2023 09:46 PM | Updated : 18 Jan 2023 04:49 PM

Eminent writer and academic Md Zafar Iqbal and Professor Hasina Khan have expressed their disappointment over the plagiarised contents found in the new class 7 science textbook edited by themselves.

The writers associated with editing the book also accepted their responsibility in a statement issued on Monday. 

As part of the new curriculum from this year, science textbooks for classes 6 and 7 have been printed and distributed to students as 'Anusandhani Path'. In an article published in vernacular daily ProthomAlo, a complaint was raised over copying some sections of this book from the National Geographic educational site.

“Comparing this particular part of the book and the same text on the website, the allegation appears to us to be true,” they said in the statement.

“Although we are not responsible for writing that part of the chapter, we acknowledge that the responsibility lies with us as editors.”

Writing a textbook involves many authors whose hard work and dedication results in the publication of the book. In particular, a kind of responsibility is expected from these authors in the preparation of national textbooks, said the teachers.

“It is a matter of disappointment and dismay for our entire team if such allegations are found to be true about any writer's work.”

The teachers assured that necessary revisions of the book will certainly be made in the next edition.

An experimental version of the book has been published this year and there is room for considerable refinement and editing from the coming academic year.

“So any rational opinion beside the mentioned complaint will be taken seriously and the necessary changes or modifications of the textbook will be made,” said the editor of the textbook.

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