YouTube becoming attractive career for youths

Published : 21 Jan 2021 09:56 PM | Updated : 02 Feb 2021 08:44 AM

YouTube is now becoming a lucrative career for people, especially the young men and women in Bangladesh. It wasn't even three years ago, but today, people can build a career on YouTube.

Running a YouTube channel is a great way to make some extra cash, with many people out there creating a successful full-time career from the platform.

MD Tanvir Hayder Tushar, owner of KinGOPoLY, YouTube channel made this view in an exclusive interview with Bangladesh Post.

Bangladesh Post: 1-How did you come to YouTube?

KinGOPoLY: You don't need anything extra to start a Youtube carrier. You don't have to buy any extra instrument if you have a smart mobile phone. 

I started with my mobile camera. Firstly, a free account was opened and then I thought I would float my video as a content. I want to create content that will make people happy. 

Three out of ten people commented on my video, someone is commenting, it is good, someone comes up with criticism.

In this way, I started my journey on YouTube.

Bangladesh Post: 2-How did the name KinGOPoLY come?

KinGOPoLY: It doesn't cost any money to open a YouTube account. I went to open an account in my own name, but it could be used by another person. That is why, I tried to give the username again and again because of the default username has to be unique. 

After that, firstly, I gave KinG then O and finally PoLY. All together matched KinGOPoLY. 

Although the channel opened in 2015, content was slowly starting in 2018. I used to content various interesting topics of the university. 

The people who were known to me started watching my videos first. After that, gradually, people started enjoying my videos. In this way, I am here now.  

Bangladesh Post: 3-What do you say to newcomers?

KinGOPoLY: Many people ask me what can they do if they can't grow on Youtube. 

For answering to the question, I usually visit their YouTube nels and watch their videos, especially top content for a minute at least.

You will see that many grow very fast. On the other hand, many people stop floating videos after publishing 10-15 videos. 

If anyone has an intention like this, it is difficult to grow on YouTube.

Even, I left some normal videos of my own channel which had about only 100 views.

My channel had only 268 subscribers. Suddenly, it was 5000 subscribers in a day, then 10,000 subscribers in the next day, then 50,000 subscribers. So, these things don't happen overnight.

So you have to have this mindset I can. According to some researches, one channel needs to publish at least 160 videos on average to get 1000 subscribers.

So if you have said before that I can't, then it won't happen. Firstly, I have to have the mindset that I can be patient, I can't be impatient.

Secondly, I would like to say one more thing that you have to do anything unique so that people are interested in watching your video for the first time. People will see your video, you will get view better. 

People don't come to the channel second time, if you fail to give interest.

You have to arouse people's interest, so that people will find you. You just have to do hard work. 

You have to eliminate the tendency that your channel will have 1 lakh subscribers in a day. 

You have to start with what you can do well and change the content slowly. And of course if ten people comment on your channel you have to deal with ten people and you will see that, 10 people will bring 100 people more.

Bangladesh Post: 4-Can anyone take YouTube as a career?

KinGOPoLY: It wasn't even three years ago, but today, people can build a career on YouTube.

We know that if you look at the milestones of YouTube, YouTube has been in Bangladesh for about 15 years.

There are many more senior YouTubers during the time, even we don't know their names. So you will notice that they also change their contents day by day because of people change their thinking over time. As a result, youtubers should give videos accordingly. Firstly, Youtubers try to understand the train and give the videos accordingly.

So I mean if anyone wants to take YouTube as a career then they can. But yes, if anyone thinks that I came to YouTube today, in a year I will be successful, then this idea is incorrect. 

First you have to work hard for this. There are some users who have been giving videos for three years but their success has not come yet. 

In many cases, the content that is being spread quickly to thousands of people is a completely different matter.

It depends on how people will accept your videos.

So, for those who think that you will come to YouTube to build a career, now it is the golden opportunity. But you have to do it firstly as a part timer with another job.

With a job, if you take YouTube as a career, it will be the best because you need money for ypur survival.

I myself have chosen a job as well as a career on YouTube. By the grace of Allah, I am still able to balance the two and move forward as much as I can. I hope you will have to do it too.

Bangladesh Post: When you first made videos, you used to make a lot of fun for people, make a lot of entertainment contents, we would all sit together in the office and watch your videos. My question is that, what is the reason for your sudden change? Why do you remove your videos from your YouTube channel?

KinGOpoLY: In creating content, we actually blend in with the social media world, the activities of those who have become regular here on YouTube but they become social media-centric. 

They can't really be stuck on one platform, they have to work equally on all platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, whether it's new or old. 

We become dependent on it, but we should think about the purpose of our life but it is not. To tell the truth, as a Muslim, we have a responsibility but we do not fulfill that responsibility properly.

What will happen to me as a result of wasting this time? If I die tomorrow, what is the benefit if people learn something wrong from any of the wrong content in the videos I have made, nothing.

If I die tomorrow, what will happen to me after wasting this time?

If you can make a video for me to have fun, you may have fun there. I will laugh for two, three or four minutes but there is no teaching of Islam here. 

If you can't learn anything by watching the video, there is no benefit for the people.

In this situation I have two thoughts in my head either I have to leave the channel or I have to delete all the videos later. 

In this case, I delete all my videos and create video content from which people can learn something if they watch my video for two minutes. 

So I was completely off for five-six months, from there it has started in a completely new way, now by the grace of Allah I am able to do it in a much better way. 

I hope everybody can gather something new knowledge from my channel. 

It is not just our main goal to build a career, it is our responsibility as Muslims to make it important.

Bangladesh Post: 1. My last question is that many people who have come here to build a career on YouTube as a part timer, so it can be seen that many are facing many obstacles here, so how can they get out of it in their own personal way or how can the government help them? Can you tell me a little?

KinGOpoLY: I interrupt myself first. If you think you haven't done any work lazily one day, then we must set a target to get back quickly from the next day.

On the other hand, the government has not really taken any big steps yet for the Youtubers.

So, it would be great if the government can support YouTubers by creating a new regulator for Youtubers or the Ministry of ICT can make a law for the YouTubers. 

In fact, I have heard from many YouTubers that they have a lot of political contents. People have been threatened, their videos have been forced to be deleted.  If there is any ethical law for youtubers, these unwanted events could not be happened. So, we urge the government to formulate new rule or law to control the  youtubers.


My name is MD Tanvir Hayder Tushar. I have graduated from Ahsanullah University in CSE in January, 2018. I am working in a private software company and creating contents for passion and trying to focus on providing meaningful 

messages with Fun and Humour. 

My YouTube name is KinGOpoLY