Youth arrested for rape in Sirajganj

Published : 25 Jun 2022 08:57 PM

Locals have arrested a young man and handed him over to the police for raping a housewife in Salanga, Sirajganj. Police have arrested Abdur Razzak, 32, son of Nasir Talukder of Charbagda village in Hatikumrul union on Saturday.

It is said that Abdur Razzak had been proposing to the raped housewife for a long time. Abdur Razzak hid in the housewife's house on Friday, June 24 at around 10 pm when the housewife went to the bathroom outside the house to respond to the call of nature. As soon as the housewife entered the house, she grabbed him by the face and threatened to kill him. At one stage, the housewife's father-in-law and neighbors came and rescued the housewife.

The housewife, who was raped on Saturday afternoon, filed a rape case with the Salanga police station.

Many locals and those who did not want to be named said that Abdur Razzak was already known in the area as having no character. 

He is not afraid to see anyone because he has money. The housewife's husband is a poor man so he took the opportunity. We also demanded the punishment of Razzak.

Salanga police sub-inspector Dayal Kumar said the rape victim had filed a rape case. Preparations are underway to send the arrested accused to jail.