Young director and playwright Tawfiq Newaz Aditya passed away

Poet, writer, director Tawfiq Newaz Aditya, grandson of poet Quader Newaz and eldest son of poet Faruq Newaz, passed away last Sunday night. His body was reportedly buried last Monday. It is being said in social media that he has committed suicide.

However, his father, poet Faruq Newaz, expressed regret over the news of his suicide despite the fact that there was no post-mortem. He wrote about this through social media. Tawfiq was a talented young dreamer. 

He was a talented playwright and director at the same time. Newaz dreamed of doing good. So in India, besides studying film subjects, he also learned Bollywood dance form. The Joker drama written by him, which was aired on NTV, is quite popular. 

Tawfiq was working to present himself in the international arena in silence. A film called 'Artist' was being made about the struggle and success of a mime artist in Bangladesh centring mime artist Nithar Mahbub. Nithar Mahbub said that 20% of the shooting was left.