Yet to get rid of animal cruelty

Ensure effective implementation of Animal Welfare Act, 2019

Published : 05 Aug 2021 08:44 PM | Updated : 06 Aug 2021 02:27 AM

In our country, animal justice is the last thing we can expect as humans also sometimes do not get proper justice. Animals are often being neglected and harassed brutally here. Many measures have been taken by the government to put a halt to it, however, we are still far from safeguarding or implementing proper animal rights. Most of the people are not even aware that they are committing acts of cruelty to animals while harming them.

Experts opine that creating social awareness could play an important role in bringing positive changes in society. Some people took a noble responsibility for providing treatment to the ailing animals. Rest of the people only complains but none want to take responsibility for their sterilisation and vaccination. 

It is time  to make the Department of

 Livestock Services more functional and accountable

The new Animal Welfare Act 2019 has not been implemented yet. There are many tasks left regarding the law including the rules.  The government has to adopt animal-friendly policies. The animal welfare act must be passed and implanted as quickly as possible. Punishment of animal abuse should be made stricter. If proper laws are implemented vigilantly then most animals will be out of danger from the unnecessary sufferings that they are often exposed to. Especially the never-ending sufferings and cruelty of the pet animals, that are there in Katabon market for sale, should end immediately. Authorities concerned must constantly monitor in there and make sure that the animals there are taken care of properly. It is time  to make the Department of Livestock Services more functional and accountable and save our animals from harassment by implementing a dynamic animal law.