WZ Railway to get Bogura-Sirajganj dual gauge route

Published : 31 Oct 2021 10:13 PM | Updated : 01 Nov 2021 03:27 PM

The West Zone of Bangladesh railway will construct Bogura-Sirajganj direct rail track aimed at easing communication between the two districts, a railway official in Rajshahi said.

The zone headquartered in Rajshahi has adopted a project titled "Construction of Dual Gauge Rail Line from Bogura to Shahid M. Monsur Ali Station, Sirajganj of Bangladesh Railway".

Project Director Abu Zafar Mian said an agreement between Bangladesh Railway and two Indian consultants (JV of RITES Ltd. and Aarvee Associates) was signed in Dhaka on September 27 last as a first step.

Under the agreement, the joint venture companies will implement a detailed feasibility study in the next six months and formulate a design in the next one year. Subsequently, the process of tender invitation will start.

He said the scope of consultancy services includes updating the project feasibility study, detailed engineering design and drawings of all infrastructure including bridges, embankments, railway track, stations, signaling and all other facilities, route alignment, mathematical modeling, tendering services and construction supervision services.

The physical execution of the project, once finalized, will involve the construction of a dual gauge main line and loop lines from Bogra to Sirajganj, as well as construction of stations, platforms, bridges, an administrative facility, installation of lighting, overhead sign structures and the laying of track.

When completed, this project would establish a shorter Dual Gauge Link between the Western and Northern parts of Bangladesh and the Eastern and Southern parts of the country, via the capital city, Dhaka.

Engineer Abu Zafar said this new railway route will reduce the rail distance by about 112-km, thus saving travel time of about three-hours from

Dhaka to the northern districts. It will also facilitate seamless operations of Broad Gauge and Meter Gauge trains and provide fast, high quality services to passengers.

An 86.51-kilometer mainline and another 16.30-kilometer loop line including other specified civil works will be constructed under the Taka 5,579.70 crore project.

The project involves the construction of a 72km railway line from Bogura to Jamtoil (Sirajganj) besides construction of stations, platforms, bridges, an administrative facility and other related facilities, the installation of lighting, overhead sign structures and the laying of track.

Two important bridges on the Karatoa and Isamoti rivers and overpass on Dhaka-Bogra highway will also be constructed with installation of modern

signaling and telecommunication, he said.  "We have to acquire 960 acres of land for installation of a new dual gauge mainline from Bogura to Shaheed Monsur Ali Stations via Sirajganj and Raipur," said Engineer Abu Zafar.

Upon its successful implementation, this railway route will reduce travel time from Dhaka to the northern part of Bangladesh besides reducing traffic

congestion and air pollution, he said.

He added that the people of Sirajganj, Bogura and part of Naogaon will get benefit of this railway connectivity.

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