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Wrongdoers active in city

Published : 02 Sep 2020 09:56 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:47 PM

The flyovers of the capital Dhaka have become safe havens for snatchers, vagabonds, cheats and addicts while illegal parking has grabbed under spaces of the city’s most flyovers, putting the pedestrians in danger especially after dusk.

Local people complained that due to criminal acts of the thugs and snatchers, they do not prefer connecting ways of flyovers after sunset and in early morning.

Rickshaw-van garages, roadside hotels, chicken farms, and garbage dumps are the common sight under the Mayor Hanif flyover. The road below the flyover is being used to park cars. There are also hangouts for drug addicts and secluded places for drug dealing.

Areas under Mayor Mohammad Hanif flyover, Moghbaza-Malibagh-Mouchak flyover and Kuril flyover are illegally occupied by a group of people. Spaces under the flyovers remain jammed due to temporary makeshifts, shops and garages. These illegal occupants are simply causing congestion in roads. 

Four of the six flyovers do not have proper light at night with snatchings often taking place due to lack of security measures.

Forman Ali, a resident of Mouchak area, expressed worries about current situation, saying, “When the flyover was built the situation was not like this what we are seeing today. Snatchers groups’ routinely mug common people. Bad odor is whooshing in air from garbage kept under the flyovers. 

We have no security here. The city corporation and law enforcers must come up with a solution.”

Another resident of Kuril area Zubayer Ahmed, a private university student, claimed that Kuril flyover area is prone to muggers.

“Flyover adjacent areas are completely captured and dominated by thugs syndicate. I can guarantee after sunset anybody passes the area, there is a high chance of getting mugged.”

In the last eight and a half years, six flyovers have been constructed to ease traffic congestion in the capital Dhaka. It has cost about Tk four thousand 156 crore 20 lakh. Traffic jams are also being created on the flyovers due to mismanagement and lack of proper planning.

In this regard, the Chief Property Officer of the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), Russell Sabrin, said that, the campaign has started to clear the roads under the flyovers. From now on, no one will be allowed to occupy the lower road, he said, adding that 

the area around the city has already been raided several time. 

“The roads will be re-arranged as per the plan of the city planners of the city corporation. If necessary, parking will be provided and opportunity will be given to keep the vehicles, but no one will be able to occupy it”, he added.

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Islam talking to The Bangladesh Post, said “Construction materials, shops or anything else which will be found on roads, sidewalks, and flyovers will be removed immediately.”

He also said awareness is needed to keep adjoining areas clean and garbage free. “From DNCC we are working relentlessly to resolve this problem and not but least local people must work with us”, he added.