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World can’t afford war

Published : 26 Jun 2022 09:59 PM | Updated : 27 Jun 2022 03:57 PM

Mankind cannot afford war. It claims life and blood. It destroys and devastates life and human habitation. It produces nothing good but hatred among nations. It also destroys peace and harmony among the cast, creed and ethnicity. 

The horrible and terrific trauma of the devastation of the World War II has not yet been erased from the mind of the human beings. Global people do not want war. They want peace and amity among the world people. Except a few powerful people, who have control over mighty military, not a single person in the world wants war?

But the Ukraine War has created a wide ranging confusion and concern about the escalation of war as the increasing economic sanction against Russia by the western nation. Russia, once a super power, which possessed huge nuclear arsenal, is still serious about regaining the breakaway countries under Soviet Union. 

The economic sanction against Russia by the US and its NATO allies has created a deep mistrust and Russia has already taken the alternative way for its economic survival. The US and Russia are also in an ego complex. 

It is to be noted that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, a former KGB official, couldn’t forget the dismantling of Soviet Union and his firm belief that America was behind the breakaway of the Soviet Union.  

The United States has been suffering from humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan and that’s why a sort of inferiority complex is working after the ignoble surrender to the uncivilized Taliban.

Known as much more reasonable and responsible for the world peace and the cause of mankind, the western leaders have shown more determination to fight against Russia which has created a growing concern about the danger of global war.

 It is widely believed that among the western leaders nobody is so crazy to take the responsibility and risk of war against mankind. 

Erdogan’s Turkey has long been striving to be a member of the European Union. Despite its major role in the NATO, it has not been included in the European Union. Turkey has been on a vantage position. 

Its mysterious role during Ukraine war and its excellent relation with Russia is a headache for America. The relationship between US and Turkey has raised brows after buying 400 missile systems from Russia by Turkey. The more interesting development was visible when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) turned a deaf ear to the call of America after the Ukraine war. It is also interesting that India, being a member of the QUAD, has sided with Russia when the UN Security Council arranges a vote against Russia.  

For the last two years the international community has been in devastating peril due to corona virus which has taken millions of lives. More over the world could not get rid of this pandemic. 

The world economy is in a shambles and what would be the situation if the world war breaks out and that is the main concern of the 7 billion people of the world. 

Over the past decades, America and its allies are more attentive to China for its increasing global economic expansion and increasing military might. And that’s why, Bangladesh has become more potential to US allies including Japan and Australia because of its geo-political location. 

The economic sanction on Russia by the US and its western allies has brought about adverse impact in their own markets. America is fighting a grim battle in reducing the gas price which has been upswinging at a rocket high speed. The gas price has jumped over $5.50 per 5 liter from $2.75 after the Ukraine war. 

US president Biden claimed that it happened due to Russia. It should be kept in mind that some of the emerging economic giants don’t like the Dollar domination of the world capital market and are not willing to accept dollar as the main medium of global trading.

China’s direct support towards Russia has become a headache for the Americans and their allies. Huge population in China and Russia and its market is not negligible. China’s long standing desire to create a potential challenge for the US Dollar would not be fulfilled immediately, but they will get Russia in this financial move in future.

US president Obama won Nobel Prize considering that so long he would be president of the United States of America there would not be any war. The present president Biden, so far as the people understand him, is not in favour of war. But the US aggressive attitude tells something different. 

If the USA is hit by nuclear weapons, then it would not certainly sit idle. What would be the situation then? Most of the global powers including US, China and Russia are overwhelmingly enriched with nuclear arsenal. If all these countries use nuclear weapons, what would be the condition of the world? There is no doubt that in such a situation mankind will be annihilated. Not only that, the bio-diversity will be seriously jeopardised to the point of extinction and soil will lose its fecundity to grow any plant in at least 100 years.

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