Work with specific plan for country’s development

Fresh BCS cadres must pay heed to PM’s directive

Published : 09 Oct 2023 08:43 PM

While addressing a function, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the fresh BCS cadres to work with specific plans to ensure continued sustainable development in the country. 

The new officers are the main soldiers in transforming the country into developed, prosperous and Smart Bangladesh by 2041. Therefore, we believe the new BCS cadres will introduce the culture of transparency and accountability at all levels of field administration and give priority to people’s welfare discarding personal interest.

We think they will serve the country and its people as real “public servants” and ensure that none is harassed in the name getting service. As the corruption disrupts country’s socio-economic development, the new BCC cadres will have to raise public awareness against corrupt individuals at their respective jurisdictions.

They will have to be more cautious about their activities so that nothing becomes the cause of any embarrassing situation for government and local administration. Bangladesh is a bright example of communal harmony and secularism so that the officials will also have to intensify the campaign to root out terrorism and militancy at any cost.



of the mass people through 



and human behaviour

They will have to continue their efforts in line with the incumbent government targeted services to build a ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041. Being the public servants of different government activities at the grassroots level, the they will also have utilise their talents and skills to build a country ‘Sonar Bangla’ free from hunger, poverty and exploitation as dreamt by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh 

Mujibur Rahman. They should always keep in mind that people are never deprived of getting services because the independence of the country has been attained for changing their destiny. As per the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive we believe the young officials will always think about the people and know the area and livelihood of the people of the locality where they are posted for discharging duties.

The young officials would get the opportunity to work in a realistic manner whenever they are posted in higher positions in future through the work experience in the field level. Therefore, they will have to devote themselves to the development of the country and the nation by facing the current and future challenges with courage and sincerity.

Besides, they will have to keep in mind that the people seek their help when they fall into a danger. So, the civil servants will earn confidence of the mass people through giving services and human behaviour instead of indulging in corruptions, irregularities and mismanagement.