Woman conquers poverty

Published : 22 Jan 2023 10:03 PM
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She was at a loss when her educated husband had lost jo due to global pandemic Corona Virus, the least educated women started fighting against poverty to make her children educated and remove the curse of hunger. 

She started farming some small pieces of and rearing goat. Now she has been farming on three and a half bigha of land including a piece of leasing land, nursing a number of goats and milching cows near her house at Satgachhi village in Shailkupa municipality. 

Not only that she has been preparing to sit for secondary certificate examination from the Open University next, when her eldest daughter was preparing for the same examination same time. Department of livestock officials have been rendering their assistance to make the woman success to ear n brad.

Sathi, 34, better known as Anjuara, a mother of three daughters of village Satgachhi when contacted at her home said she was hopeless and helpless when her highly educated husband Mokter Hosaain lost job due to Corona Virus havoc in 2020. 

She started cultivating 130 decimals of land including a piece of leasing land. But she had faced untold barriers as no one of the village could admit it and abusing her anyway. To feed the minor children she did not care at all. 

Rather she herself spends time in the crop fields dawn to dusk. To run her goat farm well, the woman had received a loan from a local bank and repaying Taka 4,000 a month as installment regular. 

Showing a number of crop lands including wheat, onion and mustard, the workaholic woman said she has been growing hybrid grass as per the assistance of the livestock department official in Shailkupa Dr. Mamun Khan. She hires power tiller to make the land cultivable and works herself there. 

If necessary she hires day labourers, but not regularly. Anjuara’s cowshed is now enriched with four improved variety of cows including a pregnant one. She has been collecting five liters of milk a day while major f the milk is consumed by the tender cuffs. Her goat farm is enriched with 14 gats including three minors.

Describing her disaster the industrious woman said her tinshed house was burnt to ashes by the electric short circuit about two years back. Local upazila administration donated Taka 5,000, while upazila livestock officer Dr. Maun Khan had constructed a new shed of her goats spending huge money. 

With the sale proceeds of goat and cows, she had constructed a semi pucca house with Taka three lakh next. Anjuara produces pumpkin, brinzal, beans, palong and some other vegetables round the year around her house to ensure family nutrition. She was awarded with Joyeeta award 2022 for fighting against poverty through rearing Black Bengal goat.

As her husband is an educated man she also desires to make herself educated and preparing to sit for ensuing secondary certificate examination next. He elder daughter will also participate in the same examination next, while the second one studying in class six. “I want to make my daughters educated and make them good citizens where poverty is not a permanent barrier. Hard work, honesty and sincerity is the key to any goal, I believe” Anjuara said.