Winter Pitha Utshab ends today at Rabindra Shorobor

Published : 29 Nov 2019 09:20 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:51 PM

The three-day 'Pitha Utshab', which was organised at Rabindra Shorobor of Dhanmondi in the capital to celebrate the winter, is going to end today (Saturday). 

The festival is organised to give the urban people a taste of winter delicacies with traditional pithas (rice cakes). Some 45-50 types of delicious pithas were on display at the stalls. 

A variety of pithas, like narkel puli, ring pitha, bhapa, golap pitha, mung pakon, dudh chitoi, patisapta and more were being sold at the festival. 

The presence of large numbers of people, including foreigners, lent additional fervour to the festival. The festival created scope for a new generation to acquaint themselves with our traditions.

Featuring various types of pithas from different parts of the country, the festival also entertains the pitha lovers with vibrant cultural programmes, bioscope, music, dance, puppet show, banor khela, shap khela and jamai mela everyday.

‘Pithas’, or cakes made from rice flour, occupy an important place in our culinary culture. 

The festival is organised with a view to preserving and promoting this cultural aspect and introducing it to the city people.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post on Friday, Tanzid Hasan, a visitor at the festival, said, “Every Bengali eagerly waits for is the long tradition of tasting various kinds of pithas at the advent of winter.” 

He further said, “A traditional food of our country, different types of pitha are made throughout the year. 

But due to our hectic busy schedule it is becoming less familiar to us. And such festival actually comes as savior and brings joy to us.”