Winter flower production starts in Chuadanga

Published : 18 Dec 2022 08:50 PM

About 150 farmers are producing flowers on 57 hectares of land in the district this year. From the beginning of winter, flowers are being sold at high price due to huge demand for different functions and festivals.  

Now flower farming is more profitable for farmers. So this cultivation has been spreading every year at different areas in four upazilas of the district recently.

Tube roses, tulip, color rose, white rose, marigolds etc. are seen to cultivate more in the areas. These flowers have changed the fate and life style of growers in the areas due to making profit, sources stated. 

It is learnt, a huge quantity of flowers are produced in winter season. Wedding Ceremonies, observing national days and other social festivals are held more in winter season than other seasons. For this reason sale of the produced has increased from beginning of winter. People is exchanging affection and love each other giving flowers. All aged and different mindsets person are to like the beauty of a flower. So flower cultivation is increasing for the demand of them.

The livelihood of more than 12,000 people is directly or indirectly associated with flower sector. The number of flower farmers is 150 and numbers of flower traders is 100, different sources added. 

Jalauddin, flower businessman in Chuadanga town and inhabitant of Daulatdiar in Sadar upazila of the district told the Bangladesh Post, 100 pieces of rose are sold at tk. 400, 100 pieces of color rose at tk. 700/-, 100 sticks of tube-rose at tk. 500/-, 2000 pieces of tulip at tk. 2,000/- and 1000 pieces of china bely at tk. 1,000/ now. According to District Agriculture Extension Department, over 57 hectares of land have been brought under flower cultivation in four upazilas of the district this year. The upazila wise cultivation areas are- 5 hectares in sadar upazila, 1 hectares in Alamdanga upazila, 1 hectares in Damurhuda upazila and 50 hectares in Jibannagar upazila.  

It may be mentioned here, people of the district specially girls, women, housewives have been making flower garden on the premises of the houses, verandas and top of roof of the buildings. 

Badsha Mia, Jiaur Rahman and Romizuddin of village Ghosnagar in Jibannagar upazila of the district have been cultivating different types of flowers on 2 bighas, 1.5 bighas and 1.5 bighas of lands separately at the village commercially. 

They said, expenditure of flower cultivation has been estimated at tk. 50,000 per bigha. The produced flowers have been sold at tk. 1,00,000 in the meantime this year. 

Shah Alam, Sub-assistant Agriculture Officer of Jibannagar in Chuadanga said, `I myself contact with flower growers and give them advice how to take care of flower garden’.   

Bevash Chandra Saha, Chuadanga DAE Deputy Director said they are advising the growers and farmers to cultivate flowers along with other crop.