Winners in 16 Ctg constituencies

12th parliamentary elections

Published : 08 Jan 2024 10:58 PM

The 12th National Parliament election was completed in a festive and peaceful atmosphere on Sunday. The ruling Awami League won the election by a landslide.  Jatiya Party is in the second position in getting seats as a party.  However, independent candidates have won most of this elections.

Voter turnout was satisfactory.  A total of 125 candidates contested in 16 constituencies of Chittagong in the 12th National Assembly elections.  Total voters were 63 lakh 7 thousand 995 people.  Among them, 32 lakh 82 thousand 255 were men and 30 lakh 24 thousand 684 women.

Awami League’s Boat symbol candidate Mahbub Ur Rahman Ruhel won the Chittagong-1 constituency.  He was elected getting 89 thousand 64 votes. His closest rival independent candidate Gias Uddin (Eagle) got 52 thousand 996 votes.

Khadijatul Anwar Soni, candidate of Boat symbol nominated by Awami League in Chittagong-2 (Fatikchari) constituency, won unofficially getting 1 lakh 685 votes. His nearest rival candidate Abu Taiyub got 36 thousand 566 votes.

Awami League's boat symbol candidate Mahfuzur Rahman Mita won unofficially getting 54 thousand 756 votes in Chittagong-3 (Sandwip) seat. His nearest rival candidate, Dr Jamal Uddin Chowdhury, president of Swadhinta Chikitsak Parishad (Swachip), got 28 thousand 70 votes.

Awami League's boat symbol candidate SM Al Mamun won unofficially in Chittagong-4 constituency getting 1 lakh 42 thousand 708 votes.  His nearest rival Didarul Kabir, Jatiya Party candidate got 4 thousand 880 votes.

Jatiya Party candidate Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud in Chittagong-5 (Hathazari) constituency got 6 thousand 562 votes in Plow symbol.  His nearest 'Awami' independent candidate Muhammad Shahjahan Chowdhury (Kettle) got 4 thousand 862 votes.

ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, President of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Chittagong-6 Railway Ministry.  Awami League's boat symbol candidate won unofficially with 72.72 percent votes in this seat.  He got 2 lakh 21 thousand 572 votes.  His nearest rival independent candidate of Truck symbol, Shafiul Azam got 3 thousand 159 votes.  Jatiya Party's Plow symbol candidate Mohammad Safiq-ul Alam Chowdhury got 2,654 votes.

Chittagong-7 Constituency Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud MP.  Awami League's boat symbol candidate won unofficially. He was elected from this constituency getting 1 lakh 98 thousand 976 votes.  His nearest rival candidate of Islami Front, Advocate Muhammad Iqbal Hasan (Candle) got 9 thousand 301 votes.

Chittagong-8 (Boalkhali-Chandgaon) Abdus Salam was elected unofficially getting 78 thousand 266 votes.  His closest independent candidate Vijay Kumar Chowdhury (Fulkopi) got 41 thousand 500 votes.  Besides, Jatiya Party President Solaiman Alam got 8 thousand 235.

Chittagong-9 constituency candidate of boat symbol, Deputy Education Minister Barrister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel won.  He got 1 lakh 30 thousand 993 votes.  His nearest rival Jatiya Party's Plow symbol candidate Sanjid Rashid Chowdhury got 1 thousand 982.

Chittagong-10 (Doublemooring, Pahartali, Khulshi, Halishahar) constituencies, Awami League's boat symbol candidate Md  Mohiuddin Bachchu got 59 thousand 24 votes.  His closest rival candidiate a former CCC Mayor M Manjur Alam, an independent candidate got 39,535 votes.

MA Latif won unofficially getting 51 thousand 494 in Chittagong-11 (Bandar-Patenga) constituency and became the candidate of Awami League's boat symbol.  His nearest rival independent candidate Ziaul Haque Suman got 46 thousand 525 votes in Kettle Pratik.

 Chittagong-12 (Patiya) constituency, Awami League's candidate of the boat symbol of freedom fighter Motaherul Islam Chowdhury was elected getting 1 lakh 20 thousand 313 votes.  His nearest rival Samshul Haque got 35 thousand 240 votes.

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Javed, candidate of Awami League's boat symbol, won unofficially in Chittagong-13 (Anwara-Karnaphuli) constituency.  He became a member of Parliament for the fourth time.  He got 60 thousand 79 votes.  His nearest rival Master Abul Hossain (Mombati) of Islami Front got 1,661 votes.

Chittagong-14 (Dohazari) unofficially won Awami League's boat symbol candidate Md.  Nazrul Islam Chowdhury got 71 thousand 125 votes.  Md Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury of truck symbol got 36 thousand 884 votes. Chittagong-15 (Satkania-Lohagara): Abdul Motaleb, an independent candidate of the eagle symbol, won with a huge vote.  He was elected from this seat by getting 85 thousand 624 votes.  His nearest rival candidate got 39 thousand 252 votes.

Mujibur Rahman was elected Member of Parliament for the first time in Chittagong-16 (Banshkhali) Constituency.  He was elected unofficially getting 57 thousand 499 votes.  Another independent candidate is closest to him with 32 thousand 220 votes.

The total number of voters in 16 seats of Chittagong is 63 lakh 14 thousand 397 people.  Among them, 32 lakh 89 thousand 590 male voters, 33 lakh 24 thousand 751 female voters and 56 third gender voters.