Wildlife must be protected

Published : 10 Mar 2024 09:34 PM

We express profound concern about reports of many species of wildlife disappearing fast from the country. Some 31 species of wildlife have gone extinct in the last one hundred years with many others now threatened. 

Extinction of wildlife is disrupting the natural balance of nature, which is also adversely affecting humans. We people, animals, birds, fishes, and trees are inter-related to each other on our beautiful planet and we are all important elements of the natural environment. 

But we the people are cruelly destroying plants and animals and thereby creating a danger for the bio-diversity indispensable to the planet. Denudation of forests and other habitats is causing the extinction of various plants and animals every day.

The biological and ecological effects of climate change are related to each other. Protecting wildlife and ecosystems has, therefore, become not only useful, but 


The loss of wildlife is “significantly more alarming” than previously thought as the country’s species are experiencing rapid population decline. A huge number of species have already been wiped out and pushed many more to the brink – with some scientists saying we are entering a “sixth mass extinction” event, this time driven by humans. 

The main factor is the destruction of wild landscapes to make way for farms, towns, cities and roads, but climate change is also an important driver of species decline and is predicted to have an increasingly worse impact as the world warms. We never want to lose any more wildlife and this is why we all will have to protect wildlife and biodiversity in the country. 

31 species of wildlife have

 gone extinct in the last one 

hundred years

Collective efforts of all the government, non-government and volunteer organizations can be the best ways of protecting wildlife from further degradation. Utmost emphasis should be given on creating awareness about wildlife and the importance of protecting the environment for the sake of survival of all the living beings. 

Existence of wildlife is very important for protecting biodiversity. The wildlife population has been gradually declining due to various reasons including shrinking of their habitat. 

That is why time-fitting measures should be adopted. Wildlife sanctuary is very important for protecting the natural world. 

So, ensuring security to wildlife has become an urgent need. The government will have to ensure sustainable conservation of wildlife, coexistence of humans and wildlife, and prevent legal wildlife trade.

Civil society, technocrats, and conservationists must be committed to the sustainable adaptation of nature and the application of digital innovation in wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation and prevention of illegal trade of wildlife through advanced tracking systems, real time data analytics, radio collaring should be used in this regard.  So, all the government and non-government entities concerned should come forward and work together to protect them from further degradation ensuring food security and habitat of wild life and birds.

All must protect and preserve wild animals anyhow to have a better environment with bio-diversity. Wild life population is on the verge of extinction due to various threats including poaching, habitat loss and overuse of natural resources.

If such trend continues, they will disappear from the environment in near future. We are calling for full-length enforcement of the existing laws to protect the wild life.

Among the top illegal businesses worldwide wildlife trafficking is growing in Bangladesh in the last few years. The government will identify the vested quarter and dishonest forest officials and employees and bring them to book immediately. Wildlife trapping, killing and hunting should be stopped.