Wild animals, birds being sold in Kishoreganj

Published : 04 Feb 2021 09:38 PM

Even a few years ago, various birds could be seen in Kishoreganj district inhabited by Haors, but now they are not seen like before, as the number of birds is decreasing day by day.

Birds are the only creatures that directly benefit humans. A dawn is never smooth without hearing the sweet call of the birds. The call and beauty of the birds create a heavenly feeling in the human minds. But we never think humanely about birds and kill birds indiscriminately.

Even though it is banned, native wild animals are being sold in many sales centres in Kishoreganj. Most of these hand-changed creatures are birds of various species, but there are other animals too. 

Whereas, according to Section 11 of the Wildlife Conservation Act 2012, the sale and conservation of birds, possession of wild animals or any part of an wild animal, meat, trophies or products derived from wild animals or forest products without a license or approval is prohibited and will be considered a crime. 

The convict is liable to imprisonment for up to one year or a maximum fine of Tk 50,000 or both. If the same person repeats the same offense, he will be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of three years or a fine of up to Tk 2 lakh or both.

Indigenous wildlife and bird trade is going on between the law and law enforcement. In Kishoreganj, various wild animals and birds including parrot, Myna, Shalik, Bajrika, Cockatoo, Dove, and Lovebirds are being sold at various shops in Municipal Market and Morag Mahal area. Domestic as well as foreign birds are being sold in these shops.

When asked Deputy Commissioner of Kishoreganj Mohammad Shamim Alam about this, he said it was a crime to sell native birds and animals. I did not know about the sale of wild animals and birds in the markets and shops. A mobile court drive will be conducted through executive magistrates to investigate the matter, he added.