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Why schools need to start teaching kids about sustainability

Published : 09 Mar 2020 05:41 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:44 PM
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Given the current climate crisis the world is facing, what do we need to prepare our students for?

This is a question that educators ask themselves (and each other every day). The fact is that we live in a world that is rapidly changing and the challenges our students will face in their workplace in the future will be based on problems we have not even identified yet.

Thus schools need to keep one eye on the future and another ensuring that we are giving our students strong foundational skills.

It is safe to say that future services and products will have to correct this course and thus it is imperative that we give our students a deeper understanding of sustainable living.

Thus teaching sustainability has not only become a requirement in schools today but is also synonymous with responsible citizenship. It is imperative that educational institutions teach sustainability through all possible aspects of life - be it through community living and agriculture to waste management and resource protection.

Forming habits from a young age

Sustainability shouldn't just be something that is taught, but instead something that should be inculcated into a person's lifestyle. By putting these habits into the everyday lives of the kids, it becomes second nature to them.

Respect for the environment

Just as children are taught to respect their elders, they must also be taught to respect nature. They must be taught the value and importance of the environment and how we as humans can keep it safe.

Children can teach adults

The fact of the matter is that resources are limited, and like we balance our household budgets. We must balance our growth to ensure these resources are there for many generations.

This can only be done if the future generations are more conscious about their choices and have the concept of sustainable living rooted deep in them.

In conclusion sustainability development education must be practiced in our schools because its what our children need and what will help them be more responsible global citizens. It will continue to pass down to future generations. After all, through sustainability development education, schools can be the real catalyst for change.

Rohan Parikh is the Director of The Green Acres Academy in Mumbai