Why My Hoverboard Keeps Beeping

Published : 06 Apr 2022 08:07 PM | Updated : 30 Apr 2022 05:32 PM

There are many reasons that can make your hoverboard beep continuously. If you are a new owner, this can be pretty annoying  when you experience disturbing sounds. Most hoverboards show a red flashing light that doesn’t go away. This can prevent the functioning of the hoverboard and in some cases, it can stop working completely. So, how do you fix the beeping on your hoverboard? Let’s check some of the reason that make your hoverboard beep.

Higher speed 

Your hoverboard beep when you operate it at a higher than the recommended speed. Hoverboards come with a maximum speed limit, and when you exceed that speed, it becomes risky to ride. You'll realize that the board comes with a speed function that triggers beeping when you exceed the maximum speed limit. It also slows down its functionality, and the beeping acts like a warning to slow down your ride.

To resolve this problem, always make sure that you are riding at the recommended speed of your hoverboard. The speed limit will help you prevent the board from beeping and reduce the risk of an accident. Riding your board at a higher speed makes it dangerous for you.

Uneven surfaces

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping? You need first to check if you are riding on an even surface. Hoverboard beeping is a common problem that happens when you are dealing with uneven surfaces. The major cause of uneven surfaces is that it makes the board lose the balance between wheels. Uneven surfaces tend to tilt the board in more than 15 degrees backwards or forward, which can cause a major impact on your balance.

Beeping in uneven surfaces is a warning that you are riding on a dangerous slope. Keep in mind that if you don't get a proper balance, the board will keep beeping until you find one. Also, uneven surfaces will expose you to a higher risk of harming yourself.

Well, it is easy to solve this kind of problem. It would help if you kept in mind that working with uneven surfaces is unsafe. You can always consider riding on a flat, smooth surface as it will help you get rid of beeping sounds. The safety thing to ensure that your hoverboard does not alter the equilibrium as it will activate beeping sounds.

Faulty motherboard

Yes! It can be one of the major issues that cause board beeping. In most cases, when your motherboard is faulty, it causes a steady, irritating noise. If this happens, you can consider calling the manufacturer, as most products come with a warranty. Ensure that you utilize this policy to get your beeping issue fixed.

A faulty motherboard comes about due to overusing the board or failure on the manufacturer’s side. Usually, when you replace the motherboard, the beeping issue will stop. Moreover, this answers your question of why your hoverboard keeps beeping.

When your motherboard is faulty, you only end up with limited options. It is important to either replace the board or replace the motherboard. Usually, the beeping problem will disappear when you repair the faulty motherboard.


Well, there are quite reasons your hoverboard won't stop beeping and overheating happens to be one of them. When your hoverboard starts beeping, you should consider checking how fast it is heating. In most cases, you will notice that it overheats when you use your board for quite a long time.

It is because of the excessive use of machinery. When you experience the overheating issue, your board starts to beep, which might not stop-the temperature of the board rises, which causes it to produce a noisy sound. The best solution is to make sure that you shut it down and leave the temperature cool down. Therefore, if you experience such an issue, don't panic, as it is common in hoverboards.

To resolve this issue when it happens, you can shut down the hoverboard immediately it starts to beep and let it cool down. Cooling down also helps you prevent the battery from extra damage. Once the board cools down, you can also open it and put it in some airy place which helps deal with overheating issues.

Maintenance and cleaning issues

Cleaning and maintaining your gadget is an important aspect to keep it long-lasting. It would be best if you kept your board clean regularly. If you want to prevent your hoverboard from beeping, always ensure that it is well maintained.

Properly clean the board from the outside, which will help prevent creating mechanical issues. In most instances, you will notice that if you take care of your mechanical issues, you might not experience beeping problems.

Observe the necessary maintenance issues, such as regular check-ups to ensure that your device does not encounter mechanical problems. It is important to know and understand your hoverboard.

Fixing the maintenance issue of the gadget is quite an easy process. The first thing is to ensure that you clean your board regularly. Regular cleaning helps you determine and notice all the mechanical problems of your board before it ends up beeping all the time. Also, ensure that you check your brand, understand the board, and take good care of it.


The above are some factors that might cause beeping in your hoverboard. The above article also includes solutions that help you prevent or fix the beeping issue on your gadget. On the brighter side, the beeping is not a bad problem as it acts as a warning when your hoverboard is facing a risky condition.

With the above solutions, I hope that it helps you fix your problem. If the beeping persists, then you can consider contacting the manufacturer. It is important to get the right solution for your hoverboard issue. It helps build confidence and offer an excellent riding experience. All the best as you ride!

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