Why is soccer better than basketball? [Which one is perfect for you]

Published : 04 Jan 2022 07:21 PM | Updated : 10 Feb 2022 04:31 PM

People love various kinds of sports for different reasons. For some people, a sports game is an inspiration. For others, it engages their mind. Some people are in love with these games while others watch it just for fun. Basketball is one of the best sports games in the world. It is not as simple as you think. Many people don't like basketball as there are many rules and regulations in the game. Sometimes basketball can be exasperating for many people. Occasionally the game turns into a big mess just because of the fights of the players during the game.

Although soccer and basketball are similar in many ways, soccer is quite better than basketball. A lot of people love basketball. There are many fans and followers of basketball but not more than soccer. Apart from USA and Australia, soccer is among the top three-sport games in the world.  We are going to talk about the reasons why soccer is far better than basketball. You will agree with me when you look at the following aspects.

It is more difficult using your feet than your hands

In contrast with soccer, basketball is not as complicated as people think. It is easy to play with hands than to use your feet. You have significant control over the ball by using your hands. In contrast with when you play with feet, you can lose control and even fall if you are a beginner. It is not hard for any beginner in basketball to learn to dribble quickly.

This goes to the fact that if you are passionate about playing soccer, it needs a lot of talent and practice. It is the challenging sports game which involves defeating your opponent player.

Soccer players are more fit as compared to basketball players.

I'm not saying that there is no running in the basketball game. In comparison with soccer, there is more running in the soccer game. Running makes a man active and energetic. Thus, running makes soccer players more fit than basketball players.

This is one of the main reasons why soccer is better than the basketball by far. Soccer players need to maintain their fitness because it is not only about the kicking and playing; it is also about the running. They are performing different tasks like kicking, dribbling, running and playing. So they need to develop the strength to do all the functions. Soccer players look better and younger because of their attractive physique and fantastic shape.

Soccer is an international sport

Over 200 countries are involved in the soccer game; it is a global sport. It is a loved sport. You can listen to every person on the street about this game. Many countries enjoy soccer game only for entertainment. While basketball initiated in America, countries other than the United States are not involved in basketball at all. People love to know about watching and playing soccer, that’s why it is much better than basketball.

Unlike basketball, height doesn't play any role in soccer 

To play basketball, the average height needed to perform is six foot seven. The least height to play at a professional level is six foot three and above. Below this height, you cannot be selected to play the game. Why the height matters in basketball? It matters because they have to shoot and dunk on large heightened baskets.

Height doesn’t play any role in soccer. You can also be selected to play soccer even if your height is less than six foot. It is just about the skills and techniques that are needed for this game.

The goals are more thrilling in soccer than basketball, as there is less scoring

The terms and conditions to score in basketball are so easy which make your goals less challenging. While in soccer it is more difficult to get a goal like missing the shot, etc.

However, it is so thrilling for the fans when a goal is made. Since goals are very demanding, the fans are building up more excitement and waiting for the goal.

But in basketball, players can easily score, and the fans don’t get as excited as in soccer. That’s how soccer is better than basketball.

Soccer fans are more passionate than basketball fans.

There are billions of diehard fans from all over the world to cheer enthusiastically for the games they love. A soccer fan will always try his best to get the tickets for the game. Even if all the good tickets are sold, they buy the regular tickets to watch the game physically.

There are also enthusiastic fans for basketball, but they are not as passionate as the soccer fans. Soccer has a great crowd of diehard fans which overload the stadium as compared to basketball fans. Some fans who don’t get tickets but this doesn’t stop them from watching the performance of their best teams. They watch sitting in their home either on the TV or the internet.

Soccer has a strong historical background

Soccer was initiated in England around 2,000 years ago. It was also played in several countries like China, Rome, ancient Greece and some parts of America. After that time, soccer was quickly expanded around the globe. People throughout the world love to play and enjoy soccer that’s why it became popular at international level quickly.

A Canadian instructor introduced basketball in 1891. As he was a physical education instructor, he was trying to find a sports game that doesn't cause any harm or injury to the people who love to play. Thus he found the basketball game. Soccer is also better than the basketball by far through its strong historical background.

Unlike basketball, Soccer can be played in all seasons 

The basketball game is an off-season game, played only in the winter season and late autumn. In the spring and summer time, you don’t even watch a single sight of the game.

Unlike basketball, soccer can be played throughout the year, even in the summer and spring seasons. There is no need for a particular season to play the soccer game. That's why soccer is better than basketball as it can be performed through any season.

Soccer is inexpensive

Unlike basketball, soccer is not expensive. Only two items necessary for the soccer player are a ball and the soccer cleats. None of them are much costly. The other necessities are shorts, a jersey and shin guards. In short, the money spends by the soccer players on their equipment is not the substantial amount.

Soccer players are less prone to injury

Soccer players are less likely to get injured as there is less athleticism as compared to basketball. The soccer game is also less physical in comparison with other games and people love this game as there are least chances to get hurt while playing.

In the United States, approximately 88,000 children were given treatment for injuries related to the soccer game in 2009 while 170,000 children were treated for basketball injuries. Soccer is a safe option for the children who want to include themselves in sports.

The soccer game is a fluid play

The only sports where there are no commercials other than the 15-minute half-time. It is the sport in which the game will continue no matter what the issue.

In other sports including basketball, it takes only for average 11 minutes for the ball in play; the remaining time is given to the commercials. This point provides soccer a significant edge in comparison with basketball.

Soccer is not as easy as the basketball

The soccer game is more demanding as you have to run at full speed. And it is very complicated to manage the ball by the foot and hit on the ground. The basketball game is anyhow more comfortable.

Skills and techniques are necessary for Soccer

Various skills and methods are required to play this game. It is not as easy as the basketball because with the help of the feet it is more difficult to control and move the ball. It needs a lot of confidence for the beginners to touch the ball and assertiveness to pass the ball in quarters.

Soccer scale

In every region, there are different countries. In every state, there is a league. Moreover in every league, there are some divisions and several inexperienced sports players.

Soccer is being played at any age and gender, every experienced level, from beginner to expert.


Why is soccer known as the beautiful game? There is a lot of passion in the soccer fans as well as in the soccer players. One journalist describes the noise of the crowd and the enthusiasm in the people watching the soccer match.

What makes the soccer game beautiful and exciting? Only because it involves thousands of people from different cultures and countries and it unites them in one ideal sports game: Soccer.

The above reasons explained that why soccer is better than the basketball and the other sports games.

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