Why are sports good for you

Published : 08 Jan 2022 04:13 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2022 05:10 PM

Sports or games can be any kind of physical exercise for the human body that keeps your physique fit.  And also it is a source of mental relaxation. In every era, sports have played a significant role in your daily life. One can take part in any games for fitness or joy. It adds plenty to everyday routine life. It is an excellent source for releasing stress also it helps to keep you fresh all day. Also, you can make it your profession.

Nowadays, a massive number of sports and games are played worldwide wide which includes cricket, football, rugby, swimming, snooker, badminton, karate, archery, basketball, kayaking, cheerleading, hill climbing, cross country running, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, korfball, lacrosse, martial arts, netball, orienting, polo, rowing, sailing, skateboarding, paragliding, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and windsurfing are among most played sports on the planet.

 As the days are passing numerous new games are introduced to society. Competitions around all the world take place yearly. The most trending of them is Olympics, FIFA World cup, ICC Cricket World cup, World Base Ball Classic, etc. In these events, players and participants from all over the world come and nicely represent their countries. These events provide an excellent platform to show your talent. The history of sports is about 2000 BC.

Recently some artic rafts of gymnasium have been discovered in China that gives the proof of the existence of sports in the early times. Memorials of swimming and fishing found in the Pharaohs prove that the ancient Greeks were also involved in sports and games about thousands of years from now. Some monuments of martial arts were also discovered in the Ancient Iranian Dynasty. These all discoveries give the same result that sports are not a new era invention. It is also one of the old inventories.

Why are the sports important for you?   

 Sports and games are significant. We must add any games or exercise in our daily life. Sports help to keep our body as well as mind healthy. Also, activities like these are recommendations by doctors or physicians.

A source of joy 

Sports are an excellent source of enjoyment. Whenever your routine job of everyday stresses you work a game can be a great relief in those circumstances. Moreover, sports develop fellowship in human beings. It gives you physical exercise as well as aesthetic pleasure. It is necessary for your body.  A proverb is famous among the wise. All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

One must work diligently to earn enough to live comfortably. But one must also have recreation, for it enables one to carry the burden of life with a smiling face. There are certain moments when we are unable to find any meaning for the conflicts and contradictions of life. We may fall victim to an extreme mood of doubt and despair. But a hobby serves as a “healing balm” to the soul in distress.

Healthy heart 

If we visit a qualified physician or doctor, he shall advise us to be engaged in any exercise or physical activity for the sake of our good health. Sports are beneficial for the human heart. As it increases the flow of blood, which results in accelerating the purity of blood.

 Even in the busy life of business people, politicians, and burro crates, sports have vital importance. It not only shapes your body but also cleanses it from the inner side.  A healthy man does not only need a healthy diet but also some game or exercise is necessary for fitness. More benefits of sports and games are discovered as the day passes.

Diabetes control 

If you are a diabetic patient. Then playing sports will assist insulin to work more effectively. This boosts the diabetics to create almost all the insulin which is present in your body. Moreover, a proper and hygienic diet and balanced physical activity prevent you from getting nasty diseases like diabetes.

 Games help to reduce your weight and help to reshape yourself as it burns hundreds of calories when you have any physical exertion. You should manage your timetable in such a way that you should have at least one hour for the physical training. That will keep you healthy and will protect you against thousands of harm full diseases so you will be able to live an aerobicized and prosperous life.

Weight management

 The most trending issue among billions of people around the planet is Obesity. Peoples are tired of fats and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. By indulging in sports and other physical activities, this problem is easily overcome. The majority of fats are burned, and you can regain a handsome figure. You can permanently get rid of this junk from your body by regularly doing the game and other similar physical activities.

 You can observe an environment around you that the peoples who are permanent sportsmen are fitter than the ordinary ones. Also, the sportsman has an extended living life with the comparison to the other peoples. So, you must exercise daily to have a healthy and full charm body. Sports play a vital role in weight management.

Lower hypertension

Hypertension also referred as high blood pressure in the arteries and veins is very dangerous for a healthy human because it causes strokes and dangerous heart diseases which may lead to a heart attack and other deadly attacks. Sports help you have healthy and healthful blood pressure. Indulging in sports helps you to attain a sufficient cholesterol level.

According to modern research, eighty percent of heart diseases have happened to those people who are not involved in athletic activities. Hypertension not only affects your body but it also has a dangerous effect on your body. One should regularly do sports and games to attain a healthy body with a fit and excellent working brain.

Stronger bones

Only drinking milk or taking other dairy calcium supplements is not enough for us. We have to digest our diet or any food we take entirely so that our bones and body can get the required calcium from them. Sports is one of the easiest ways to perform and fasten this process. When we do any physical activity, the process of digestion accelerates.

 As a result, we receive a sufficient amount of calcium that helps to strengthen our bones, brains, hairs, and nails. If our bones do not get the required amount of calcium, then it may result in osteoporosis. Doing sports and games are perhaps the most natural path to be healthy and active, and also it helps to maintain the bone density of peoples of all ages


When you start to take part in sports regularly, then a sense of discipline is developed in you, and it becomes a natural part of your everyday life. You learn that how to adjust with others. It teaches you a lot of fellowships. You come to know your weak points. You get new friends with whom you can spend your free time.

Your skill is crafted, and you learn that how to control your aggression. Sports polishes your brain to solve things more calmly without getting too hyper. You learn the value of mutual respect. That is because sports add some necessary rules and regulations to your life. That helps you to live the calm life and develop healthier relationships with your other fellows.

Stronger immunity 

Any person who regularly performs exercise and sports their bodies become strong not only physically also their immune systems is much stronger than the others. When a person does any physical training the rate at which the white blood cells reach every part of a human body effectively increases.

 When we play sports over body produces sweat in which all the unnecessary and toxic materials are released. As a result of sports or physical activity, the temperature of a human body has increased the chances of bacterial growth decreased by 60% that is the extensive margin. Games not only strengthen our immunity but also enhance our muscles and other body parts.

Safety measures

  • You must have expert supervision while performing any physical.
  • First of all, do some stretches and warm up your body before playing.
  • The most important thing is that you should must be hydrated while you are engaged in any sport.
  • Take a look at weather conditions before starting your game. Avoid playing in rainy or stormy weather.
  • Completely relax your mind after playing any sport this is very necessary.


Sports and games are essential for our lives. We should add sports to our everyday routine permanently. Sports have numerous advantages it helps to reshape your body and mind as well. It is the best source of stress release. It does not only help a man to attain a beautiful physique but also it prevents many dangerous diseases.  

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