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Published : 14 Oct 2021 04:36 PM | Updated : 12 Feb 2022 04:10 PM

HAVAL is a premium SUV specialist and has been the No. 1 SUV brand in China (the world's largest automobile market) for the last 15 years. HAVAL was the world's tenth-largest SUV maker last year, outselling Mercedes, BMW, and Mitsubishi SUVs.

Their success results from a combination of dedication, passion, and a willingness to listen to their clients. They manufacture world-class SUVs by integrating the best features, safety, and technology from across the world. Since its inception on March 29, 2013, the HAVAL brand has been committed to developing a high-quality, exquisite, and professional product selection and earning consumers' trust via the development of a brand service centred on "moving the customers."


Haval is Great Wall Motor Company Limited's (GWM) new professional SUV brand, which will offer both city and cross-country SUVs. For 16 straight years in China, Haval SUV rated first in terms of sales volume. GWM sold 1,053,039 units in China in 2018. Haval, China's market leader in SUVs, introduced the new trademark logo in March 2013. Haval is committed to the SUV category to become a world-class SUV brand.


As China's market leader in SUVs, Haval adheres to the brand concept of "specialization," places a premium on SUV development, and strives to be the world's leading SUV specialist brand. Splendid Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM) has been named three times to the "Forbes Asia Fabulous 50." In March 2014, it was ranked 40th on the list of "2013 Most Valuable Chinese Brands." In 2014, GWM was named one of the "World's Top 100 Car Brands" and "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands." HAVAL was the tenth largest SUV maker globally in the year, outselling Mercedes, BMW, and Mitsubishi SUVs.GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY

They think that to develop the most outstanding SUV possible, they must identify and work with the world's best specialist suppliers. They gain access to global best practices, cutting-edge technologies, in-built quality, reliability, and advanced robotics through these partners.


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In terms of technological R&D, Great Wall Motor adheres to the "Excessive Input" strategy, focusing on practical research and development and pursuing industry leadership. Excellent Wall Motor is always ahead of the industry average regarding research and development expenditures for each category and model.

The Haval New Technical Center, which has already begun operations, was built by Great Wall Motor with a total investment of RMB 5 billion. It is China's most extensive and world-class finished vehicle technical centre, comprising five zones: R&D, prototype, testing, modelling, and data centre, with a total building area of 260,000m2.

Five billion CNY has been invested in the HAVAL R&D Center, which spans 260,000 square meters and can simultaneously develop more than ten new models. GWM is committed to "over-investing" in research and development, focusing on successful research and development, and expects to invest a total of 35 billion CNY in research and development by 2025.

They have developed a research and development team of 10,000 employees, including over 400 international professionals from more than 20 countries, including Germany, the United States, France, and Japan, to control core technologies.


  • HAVAL M6 was named best in user satisfaction among A-level SUVs (70,000 yuan and under) by the China Association for Quality.

  • HAVAL F7 was ranked #1 in the User Committee of the China Association for Quality's 2019 High-profile New Vehicles (100,000 - 150,000 yuan SUV) in terms of user satisfaction.

  • At THE CAR OF THE YEAR Award Ceremony, HAVAL F7 was named the Intelligent Connected SUV.

  • At the 2019 Golden Promise Cup Award Ceremony, the HAVAL F7 was named the National Most Economical SUV of the Year.


  • CCTV named the HAVAL H6 SUV of the Year.

  • The HAVAL H9-2020 was named ZAKER's Large Independent SUV of the Year.

  • Have Won the 2018 Russian Automobile Industry's Best Investor Award.

  • Globally, the HAVAL brand sold more than 5 million units.

  • According to Brand Finance's 2018 Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands, HAVAL was voted China's Most Valuable Auto Brand with a brand worth of $6.8 billion.

  • In 2017, HAVAL H6 took the first position in the 100,000 - 150,000 yuan A-level SUV sector in CACSI, marking the third consecutive year that HAVAL H6 has born first place in this market in this market terms of consumer satisfaction.

  • HAVAL debuted its F Series at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, where the HAVAL F-5 won the "Best (Independent) Debut New Car" Award.

  • HAVAL H2 was named one of South Africa's top four models.

  • At the 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, the HAVAL H6 was named "Best-selling SUV of the Year."

  • HAVAL H6 was named 2017's "Top Safety SUV."

  • The HAVAL brand was ranked first among Chinese automobile brands on Brand Finance's list of the "World's Top 500 Valuable Brands in 2018."

  • HAVAL H6 was ranked best among SUVs priced between 100,000 and 150,000 yuan by the China Association for Quality in terms of CACSI.

  • The HAVAL H7 was named the 2017 Chinese Family SUV of the Year.

  • In Chile, the HAVAL H7L was nominated for the best medium-size SUV award

  • HAVAL was ranked first among Chinese independent brands by CSI in 2017.

  • The All-New HAVAL H6 was named Model of the Year for Market Performance.

  • ANCAP awarded HAVAL H2 a five-star grade.

  • HAVAL H6 and HAVAL H2 were ranked best in the segment in the 2017 CACSI evaluation findings presented by the User Committee of the China Association for Quality.

  • According to the 2017 CSI Survey Report, the HAVAL brand rated #1 in terms of CSI among independent brands.

  • In Beijing, the "CSI Survey Results of the Chinese Automobile Industry" were released. In terms of complete consumer satisfaction, the HAVAL H1, H2, and H6 earned three awards: Best Mini SUV Model (HAVAL H1), Best Entry-level Small SUV Model (HAVAL H2), and Best Compact SUV Model (HAVAL H6).

  • Brand Finance, a globally recognized brand evaluation firm, just announced its 2017 power ranking of worldwide professional SUV brands, with the HAVAL brand scoring #1 with a brand level of AA+.

  • The Guinness World Records certification officer presented the representative of HAVAL owners with the certificate for the largest HAVAL motor cruise.

  • In 2016, HAVAL once again ranked top in a satisfaction survey of vehicle distributors to manufacturers.

  • The China Automotive Technology and Research Center has revealed the fourth batch of C-ECAP findings, with the 2016 HAVAL H6 Coupe 2.0T Manual Diesel Two-drive Urban Model earning the Gold Medal.

  • HAVAL H2 was awarded the 18th Chinese Gold Medal for Exterior Design.

  • According to CACSI 2016, HAVAL H6 was placed #1 in the "Top Ten Models Receiving the Most User Attention in 2016" and the only Chinese brand model to make a list. Additionally, HAVAL H6 was the segment leader in terms of CACSI. The HAVAL H2 was included in the "Top Ten 100,000 - 200,000 yuan A0-level SUVs in Terms of User Satisfaction" list, making it the sole Chinese brand vehicle.

  • The China SUV Development Trend Forum and SUV Blue Book Conference were conducted in Beijing, and HAVAL H7 was named the 2016 SUV Model of the Year.

  • In the first half of 2016, HAVAL H6 was in the top five global SUV sellers, ranking 23rd overall.

  • HAVAL H7 was named the 2016 Chinese Brands' Best Mid-size and Large SUV Model of the Year.

  • In 2016, HAVAL SUV was named the Most-Watched SUV Brand.

  • In 2015, HAVAL H6 won the Best Chinese Model Award.

  • The HAVAL H9 was named 2015's Best SUV.

  • GWM was named the Best Independent Manufacturer in China by Auto China.

  • HAVAL debuted at Auto China in 2014 with the industry's most robust SUV lineup.

  • HAVAL makes an appearance at MIAS 2014.

  • HAVAL successfully defended the 2014CGR championship.

  • The 15th National Design Patent Gold Medal was awarded to HAVAL H6.

  • HAVAL H6 was named the "CCTV Chinese Independent Brand SUV of the Year 2011" in January 2012.

  • HAVAL H6 was named "Chinese SUV of the Year 2012," dubbed "Oscar" in China's auto business.


On February 1, 2018, Brand Finance, a global authority on brand valuation, published the Brand Finance Global 500. The HAVAL brand was ranked first among Chinese vehicle brands in the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands list.

Brand Finance published the 2018 Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands in March. The HAVAL brand beat prominent worldwide brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin, climbing to 16th place and becoming China's most valuable auto brand.

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According to the China Automobile Residual Value Research Report produced by the China Automobile Finance and Residual Value Research Committee, HAVAL SUVs account for half of the Top 10 List of Third-year Residual Value of Chinese SUVs, owing to their superior cost performance and good quality.

Among them, HAVAL H9 won first place with the third-year residual value of 54.79%, while HAVAL H1, HAVAL H6, HAVAL H5 and HAVAL H2 won the fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth place with the third-year residual value of 54.14%, 53.71%, 53.43% and 52.70% respectively.

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