White Hanuman spotted in Tarash

Published : 05 Feb 2024 08:45 PM

A Black-faced, white-haired Hanuman (a species of Monkey) is seen frolicking various houses, trees, shops and streets of Tarash Municipality area for the last two days. 

The Hanuman is often posing friendly with the inquisitive young boys, girls and adults by sitting beside them. Being attacked by the throwing stones by some wicked tots, it is jumping over the roofs of houses or on the branches of trees. 

Biddut Kumar Das, Assistant Professor of the Department of Zoology informed, that this species of Hanuman usually does not ride roofs or branches of trees except at night. Abdur Razzak, Mayor of Tarash Municipality has also confirmed the arrival of a Hanuman 'guest' in his municipal area.

The curious people, mostly young men and women are following the Hanuman elsewhere and offering it with bread, loaves and bananas. 

The resident of the municipal area Ferdous Zaman Bacchu informed over-curious people are constantly disturbing the Hanuman. As a result, the Hanuman cannot stand still for a minute at a place. At the same time, many are trying to take selfies with the animal. 

Shafiul Haque Bablu, a local college teacher informed, Tarash is situated beside the Hatikamrul-Bonpara Highway. It is likely that the Hanuman travelled from any forest region of the country by riding on any truck and arrived at Tarash.  

Md Kamruzzaman, Upazila Forest Officer of Tarash informed, the Hanuman will depart from the area again if people refrain from disturbing it.