Which Bangladesh do countrymen want?

We don’t want destruction but a developed nation

Published : 03 Nov 2023 09:45 PM
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While addressing the 25th and last session of the 11th Parliament Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina posed a question for countrymen which Bangladesh do they want - debris of destruction or a developed one?

She also urged the people to stand in unison against the arson terrorists and decide whether they want a developed Bangladesh or a destroyed country. Common people of the country do not want to see the party of killers, war criminals, anti-liberation forces and arson terrorists in power again as they will only destroy the country.

If the general people want a developed nation, they have to send the Awami League to power again as development will be possible for the party. Country’s people have voted for the ‘Boat’ and only the symbol ‘Boat’ can ensure (their) developed life. And BNP-Jamaat clique can only wreak havoc.

When the country is progressing ahead, the destruction is being carried out by attacking house of the chief justices, police personnel, journalists and hospitals and ambulances. We appreciate Sheikh Hasina for her “time befitting speech” which will act as a buffer against all evil forces just two and half months ahead of our national polls.

Her (Sheikh Hasina) message will bring together all people who are imbued with the spirit of the great Liberation War in order to build a united resistance against the anti-liberation forces, murders and arsonists who want to take the country backward with the Pakistani ideology. BNP and its leaders are the evil forces’ main patrons so that the anti-liberation force is still plotting intrigues even after 52 years of independence.

There is a fear of 

the black shadow

 of arsonterrorism 

centering elections

They do not want the (country’s) independence and welfare of the people. This is the reality. What horrible scenes these are! 

It seems like they are not only burning people to death, but also want to destroy the country. The nation had witnessed their terrible face on October 28. They are playing with fire again after having failed in movement.  It is clear to all that BNP in association with the anti-liberation and evil forces is once again carrying out arson terrorism ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections. They are also out to destabilise the country’s stability and started ill-efforts centering the polls again.

There is a fear of the black shadow of arson terrorism centering elections, while footsteps can be heard like that in 2013, 2014 and 2015. But, Sheikh Hasina is uncompromising over the issues of the country’s democracy, Constitution and stability. BNP failed to get public support in its latest October 28 rally, hartal, nationwide blockade, countrywide movement, road marches and human chains as the country’s people did not respond to its calls. The party (BNP) is also carrying out anti-state propaganda at home and abroad cashing in on Digital Bangladesh. But, the country’s peace-loving people did not pay heed to that propaganda as they know the character of the party. They (People) also know the independence of Bangladesh had been achieved in exchange for blood of millions.

People now can move in the globe keeping heads high and maintaining due dignity. All have to make sure that the killers, anti-liberation elements and war criminals never return to power again. If the anti-liberation and corrupt elements come to power again they will destroy all the advancements. The BNP has no respect for democratic system of Bangladesh.

The BNP-Jammat alliance boycotted the general polls of 2014 in fear of defeat. How and in what way the BNP-Jamaat clique will take part in the election as they burned people to death and want no development of the masses and most importantly fear defeat in polls.