When will the Sri Lankan board respond?

The current stance of the Lankan cricket board (SLC) regarding Tigers tour to Sri Lanka is still unclear. Tigers are scheduled to depart for Sri Lanka on 26th or 28th September, to play three-match Test series. However, there is still no response from the Lankan board, regarding tour’s future. The series now looks more uncertain as days are passing by.

Some sources say that the Lankans might move away from their tough position regarding the tour. The ice has begun to melt and there are rumours that they are trying to make the series happen. 

However, the harsh reality is, that so far, the Lankan board has not given Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) any official message. 

Akram Khan, the BCB director and head of the cricket operations committee, was asked on Tuesday if there was any positive news from SLC regarding the tour. Akram said, “No! We still didn’t get any reply.”

BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan, Director and Cricket Operations Committee Chairman Akram Khan has been uttering words of hope almost every day, hoping that the Sri Lankan Board’s response will come soon. 

Understandably, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health is in a stern position to control the corona situation in the island nation. The Sri Lankan cricket board has nothing to do but follow their rules. So, this might be reason of their late answer. Meanwhile, the only question in everyone’s mind is, will the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health accept BCB’s application for one week quarantine instead of 14 days?

So far, since they have not moved away from their position or submitted any acceptable alternative offer, it is safe to say that they are still in their old stance. What will happen in that situation now? Is there any possibility of BCB changing its position?

Various speculations are going on with the answers to all these questions. BCB is still optimistic regarding the national team’s tour to Sri Lanka to play a Test series. 

Now the question is how long will the BCB wait? As mentioned earlier, Tigers are scheduled to leave for Sri Lanka on September 26-28. So, only 4-5 days remain now. If there is no answer from SLC within this period, then what will be the fate of the series? Will the cricketers play domestic cricket? There are big doubts about what will happen. Only a positive response from the Lankans can remove the black cloud of doubt over this highly anticipated series.