What was Preety’s fault?

Nab killers, ensure exemplary punishment

Published : 26 Mar 2022 08:35 PM

What was the college girl’s fault as she had to give her life during the indiscriminate shooting at Shahjahanpur area in the city on Thursday night? Samia Afrin Preety, a 22-year-old student of Begum Badrunnesa Government College and Zahidul Islam Tipu, former general secretary of Awami League Motijheel police station committee were killed in opened fire at Shahjahanpur area.

Police termed the murder a ‘planned killing mission’ saying the target was probably only Zahidul due to intraparty feud over establishing supremacy in the area. But Preety was also shot dead while she was on her way to a friend’s residence in Khilgaon by a rickshaw.

This is absolutely a shocking piece of news that has left us completely speechless. In this regard, we also recall that Sabequn Nahar Sony, a second year student of chemical engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, was killed in crossfire during a gunfight between two factions of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, the student wing of ruling BNP, on June 8, 2002.

Law enforcers must ensure full proof security of all members 

of Preety’s family and none should be spared those who were 

responsible for the killing of Preety and Tipu

Jamal Uddin and Hosne Ara Jamal, parents of ill-fated girl Preety talking to reporters on Friday said “We are innocent people. We live an ordinary life. Therefore, we don’t want to file case.” They also added to whom would they seek justice? 

Though they have lost their daughter they do not want to lodge murder case in this connection as they think they would face insecurity if they do so. Had law enforcers discharged their duties properly, the hardcore criminals could not have killed Preety.  

Law enforcers must ensure full proof security of all members of Preety’s family and none should be spared those who were responsible for the killing of Preety and Tipu. The government is doing everything possible to ensure security of businesses, lives and property of the country’s people. But the law and order situation has been deteriorating alarmingly, with sharp rise of killing, rape, kidnapping, extortion and other organised crimes. The members of different law enforcement agencies especially police and RAB must deal with any situation and control the law and order.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal warned that those who were involved in the killing of Tipu and Preety would be brought to book. Therefore, legal action must be also taken against those who were behind the scene of the incident. 

All know development could not be possible without ensuring security of the people’s lives and their property across the country. Therefore, we believe the government will improve law and order, curb all sorts of crimes and arrest notorious criminals to ensure safety and peace in the capital Dhaka, other metropolitan cities, district towns, upazila headquarters and remote area of the country ahead of national polls.