What Is Ranboo’s Real Name

Published : 06 Apr 2022 07:58 PM | Updated : 30 Apr 2022 05:31 PM

Ranboo is an American YouTuber, twitch streamer, and media personality. He is one of the most rapidly rising celebrities today and has earned a membership of the Dream Minecraft server. Additionally, he is a member of ‘Origins SMP and Cogchamp SMP’

The young broadcaster is well known for his unique Minecraft content. Despite the nosy eye of the media, Ranboo has managed to keep his private life away from the limelight. Ranboo hides his face behind thick sunglasses and a black and white mask whenever he makes a public appearance.

Personal Life

Ranboo was born in America on the 8th of April year 2004, which makes him 18 years of age. He was born and brought up in America. He attended a private school in his hometown and later graduated in the year 2021. There was a rumor that he resided in San Francisco after he posted a photo of Twitch headquarters in San Francisco. However, it has been confirmed that he relocated to the UK in March 2022.

There have been numerous speculations about Raboo’s real name. Some sources claim that his real name is Johnathan Schlatt others Mark but Ranboo himself has not confirmed this. Ranboo has mentioned that he is of the mixed race however his parents have not been revealed to the public. Moreover, there isn’t information about his siblings either; he has only talked about his family a few times on tweeter.

He has blond hair and light brown eyes. His height has been estimated to be 5 feet 8 inches tall. The online gamer’s relationship status is single but there is a possibility that he is choosing to keep it private.

In July 2021 Ranboo opened up about his struggles with facial dysmorphia. This made some of his fans link it to the reason why covers his face. However, he has promised to reveal his full face once he reaches 5 million subscribers.

On November 26, 2021, he pulled down his sunglasses during his stream for the anniversary of National Ranboo day.


Ranboo’s career kicked off after he posted a Skywars video game on his channel on August 13, 2020. The video had an interesting title that was hard to miss; ‘I decided to play skywars, it was a nightmare’. A month later he was already streaming on Twitch. He also began posting on Tiktok which gained him a lot of YouTube subscribers. Just on the very first day posting content he reached up to 200 subscribers.

His popularity was further pushed after he was raided by ‘Punz’; a YouTuber and a streamer with more than 5,000 followers. Since then he is constantly going viral on social media for his content. Moreover, he has a very solid fan base that adores his work and is inspired by it. He declared the 26th of every month a National Ranboo Day to celebrate himself since he thinks Thanksgivings are boring.

Furthermore, Ranboo had a breakthrough on 27th November-2022 when he announced that he was aspiring for the presidency race in L’Manberg. This led many streamers to raid him thus increasing his followers and subscribers.

What is Ranboo’s Net Worth? 

His current net worth has been estimated to be about 1.5 million dollars and this figure is steadily rising. His source of income is mainly from uploading content and also he gets paid through ads and donors. He also has earnings from his merchandise store; he owns a collection called ‘The Ranboo’s Fashion’.

Ranboo also earns money through paid subscription plans from Twitch. He’s paid per subscriber; judging by the number of subscribers he has, this dude makes a lot of money.


Ranboo released his first merchandise collection by the name ‘Ranboo fashion’ which made media platforms go wild. His collection was super unique and complicated; the launch was very promising he even did a cooking stream to celebrate. The collection included hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and masks.

However, due to this traffic, the website crashed and he had to slow down on launching it again. The website was launched again later after undergoing repair but there has been no further information about the website.

There are rumors that he is about to launch another collection. The collection is likely to succeed because of the support of his many social media followers.

MC Championship

Ranboo has participated in several MC championships. These are Minecraft Tournaments for YouTubers and streamers organized by the Noxcrew.

The presenter did not participate in the first 14 MC championships; there was even a rumor that he was banned. However, this turned out to be false.

In the 15th MC Championship, he teamed up with TapL, Tubbo, and Wilbur Soot in the Pink Parrots team. The team earned a third-place while he came 14th as an individual.

In the next MC Championship, he was in the Red Rabbits team together with Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, and Tommylnnit. They got 3rd place overall with him being in 24th place.

In the 17th MC Championship he aligned with Shubble, Smajor, and Wilbur Soot they came in 3rd place.

Under the Cyan Centipedes team in the 18TH MC Championship, they were placed in third place.

Both he and his team were placed in 4th place in the 19th MC Championship.

Fun facts about Ranboo

  • He sometimes talks and walks in his sleep.

  • He has been playing Minecraft for close to nine years.
  • His real face is one of the most searched contents on the internet.
  • Dungeons and Dragons are one of his favorite games.
  • Apparently, he also good at the Monopoly game
  • He can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds
  • Minecraft and Portal 2 are his favorite video games.
  • His Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • He is not very active on YouTube and only uploads videos once in a while.
  • His sexual orientation is straight.
  • The majority of his viewers are members of the LGBT+ community

Ranboo’s social media accounts

  • YouTube – Ranboo
  • Instagram - @ranboomc
  • Tweeter - @Ranboosaystuff
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