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WFWP-ULAB organises events to inspire youth to plant trees

Published : 25 Jan 2024 09:33 PM
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Women’s Federation for World Peace Bangladesh (WFWP-BD) with the support of the University of Liberal Arts (ULAB) arranged an event “Youthful Roots: Planting Harmony for Tomorrow” with an aim to inspire the youth community to plant trees for a sustainable Bangladesh relating to the SDG-13 Climate Action.

Women’s Federation for World Peace Bangladesh (WFWP-BD) introduced GREEN FEST on July 30, 2023 which is a yearly basis agenda with a primary objective to build awareness of Green Environment, Safe Living Standards and the Impact of Green on Human Qualities for youth with a sustainable objective to create Green Economy and Green Ecosystem in Bangladesh.

“Youthful Roots: Planting Harmony for Tomorrow” is one of the core action plans of GREEN FEST 2023. The objective of the event is to raise awareness of a Green and Safe Environment with a prolonged sustainable impact through planting and mothering trees by engaging dynamic youth power, learning the importance of green skills for ensuring a green economy, green ecosystem and green mind in Bangladesh for a better future, said a press release on Wednesday.

Core Action Plans for the event are planting trees on the premises of each selected university, formulating a group of students and a team leader to plant and mother trees.

It was also planned to accelerate the youth leadership to plant and nurse trees, and to monitor and evaluate the growth of trees in significant times by advisory boards, provide awards in recognition to the successful group of students as Youth Green Leader and promote social awareness of the green environment by the engagement of the youth community.

Ghanshyam Bhandari, Ambassador of Nepal to Bangladesh, Espen Rikter-Svendsen, Ambassador of Norway and Sheela Pillai, Chargé d’Affaires, High Commission of the Republic of Singapore attended the event as the guest of honour and Professor Imran Rahman, Vice-Chancellor, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh attended the event as the special guest with WFWP Bangladesh President Mehreen in the chair.

The dignitaries planted trees during the event and the students will be nursing and mothering those trees. The same approach will be followed by different Universities in the days to come.

The dignitaries were recognised as Green Leaders by WFWP Bangladesh. They shared relevant experiences and motivational information with the students for their learning and acknowledgement of the Green Environment.