Well, the rain has intensified once again and things are looking grim right now.

Published : 21 Sep 2023 08:02 PM | Updated : 21 Sep 2023 08:02 PM

The number of Dengue patients in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital is increasing alarmingly. Currently, 147 Dengue patients in 14 wards are receiving treatment in the hospital. 

Moreover, Dengue Corners have been set up in various places in the Medicine Ward. Of the total patients, 125 have been attacked with the disease locally. The number of Dengue patients is higher from the Bagha and Charghat upazilas of the district. The number of Dengue patients is also increasing in Puthia upazila also. 

Sayed Md Faruque, Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi informed, from early this year there was an increased number of Dengue patients from Bagha and Charghat upazilas. Most of those Dengue patients then were the returnees from Dhaka or from other districts. But, presently, patients are also being attacked locally. Larvae of Dengue in Aedes mosquitoes are now found in those upazilas including in Puthia upazila. 

Dengue patient Nimai Saha(60) was admitted to the Dengue ward of MCH on Tuesday last. His wife Bijli Rani Saha was sitting beside her bed. He said, the treatment facility at the hospital is satisfactory but does not want to stay at the hospital.

According to the report on the Dengue of RMCH, during the last week, there were less than 100 patients at the hospital. But, the number of patients has increased gradually. At present those patients are taking treatment at wards 10,13,14,16,24, 25,30,37, 38,39,40, 41,42 and 46. So far eight Dengue patients died during treatment at RMCH.

Hospital sources informed, till Wednesday noon, 171 Dengue patients were admitted to the hospital while 44 new patients were admitted during the last 24 hours and 19 patients were released from the hospital after treatment.

It is learnt, among 147 Dengue patients, 37 are from Bagha, 24 are from Charghat and 16 are from Puthia upazilas and the rest are from other districts including from Khulna divisions. 

Brigadier General FM Shamim Ahmed, Director of RMCH informed, the number of patients is increasing at the hospital daily.  Now, nearly 3,000 patients have been admitted to the hospital as against a total seat of 1,200. Patients from rural areas are increasing and Dengue treatment facilities should also be introduced in Upazila Health Complexes. 

Anowarul Karim, Director of Health of Rajshahi division informed, the number of admitted patients has exceeded the capacity at RMCH . The Health Department has directed all district sadar hospitals and the upazila hospitals to admit patients, otherwise, RMCH will not be able to room so many patients. He further mentioned, now Dengue patients are also being identified locally.