Webinar on Cyber Crime held

Published : 22 Feb 2022 09:47 PM

A webinar on CYBERCRIME was organized under the initiative of Criminology Association (BCA) on Saturday. Director General of RAB,Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun was present as the chief guest. 

The Director General of RAB in his address, highlighted geographical barriers, technological limitations, rapid change in the nature of cyber crime along with other reasons as the sterling reasons for the commission of cyber crime. 

He further called attention to the steps taken by RAB to prevent those challenges and the success of RAB in tackling cybercrime. Terming cybercrime as a global problem, he invited people from all walks of life to come forward to prevent this problem.

Former Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University, Dr. Iftekhar Chowdhury delivered the inaugural speech at the webinar. In his inaugural speech, Dr. Iftekhar Chowdhury said, “It is not possible for the law enforcement agencies alone to prevent cybercrime, rather it solicits a collective effort.” 

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Mishuk Chakma, presented a key article titled ‘Crime in Digital Platforms: Bangladesh Police Perspective’. In his article, he presented the necessary and inescapable information about what is cybercrime, the types of cybercrime, and how to deal with cybercrime in detail.

The discussant of the webinar, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, BUET, Dr. Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam observed the need to take inevitable measures to strengthen the security measures and ensure the punishment of the culprits according to the nature of cybercrime. He further suggested thatinstead of looking at all kinds of cybercrime in a similar manner, he advised to look at each cybercrime separately.

The MDS(Academic and Research) of Police Staff College Bangladesh, Md. Golam Rasul put much emphasis on more academic research and post-graduation on cybercrime and suggested to launch a cybersecurity subject at the academic level. He further highlighted the need for trained manpower to combat cybercrime.   

The event was moderated by Dr. Mohammed Bin Kashem, Dean of the National University. He remarked that since the police are a social agent, it is difficult for policesolely to curb cybercrime.  Other social agents should also play an important role in curbing this crime.