We want out of losing cycle: Du Plessis

South Africa have suffered heavy defeats in the Visakhapatnam and Pune Tests and have come to Ranchi with the three-match series already lost, ESPN reports. 

"It is tough. It is tough when you're losing," he said. "For us, we're very, very competitive people, so it does take a dent out of your confidence, but international sport is supposed to be hard, and the guys who've stayed at the top for a long time will tell you that it comes with ups and it comes with downs, personally and from a team point of view. "So it's important for us to understand that we have to fight our way out of these last two losses. We can't expect things just to happen. They won't happen, because India is a very powerful team at the moment. As I said, their record at home is amazing. So is ours - I mean our record at home is just as good. So for us, it's just about trying to keep doing the things well, keep practising hard, keep doing the processes as well as you can, and then hopefully it's just a matter of time and you start winning again.

"We came here last time with a very strong team as well, very experienced international team that did very well overseas, the best record abroad, and we still found it challenging. 

There's an obvious reason that people who come to India find it tough to beat them at home. 

So it's not all doom and gloom for me in that aspect. It's about trying to improve as players. There're a lot of young guys in the team, and they need to make sure that whatever they get out of this experience, when they come back in three or four years' time, they're better and stronger for it."