We got married in 2018, had the child in 2020: Bubly

Published : 04 Oct 2022 09:36 PM

This actress told two memorable dates of her life. Actress Shabnam Bubli, who brought her child into the limelight, released some pictures with her husband Shakib Khan after her son's picture.

Although the pictures were published on Facebook on Monday, they are quite old. Taken in Times Square, New York, USA.

Along with the photo, Bubli said that she got married to actor Shakib Khan on July 20, 2018 and became a mother of a child on March 21, 2020.

"So far the two memorable dates of my life are 20.07.2018 and 21.03.2020. Our wedding date and the other our child's birth date.”

Their son Vir was not seen in this film of Shakib-Bubli. Three in one frame, none of Shakib-Bubli has released such a picture yet.

Bubli had been in the United States for a few months two years ago; Now it is clear that her child was born then.

The same happened with the previous child of Bangladesh's most popular actor Shakib Khan.

Actress Apu Biswas said in April 2017, after returning from a few months of anonymity with her child, that she is married to Shakib Khan and this son is theirs.

Apu Biswas broke the bomb. The year before that, Bubli, a former news anchor, made her debut on the silver screen through a movie with Shakib.