Watermelon brings smile on farmers’ face in Jhenaidah

Published : 07 Jul 2020 10:11 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:25 PM

A highly educated young man of a remote village in Shailkupa of Jhenidah has proved that any work done with patience and sincerity cannot go foil. Rather it brings money, honour and dignity in the family and society. 

Farming untimely watermelon in the summer, the young man had earned satisfactory benefit although about 70 per cent of the crop was badly damaged by storm Amphan. The aim of his farming was to meet the fruit demand of the local people and earn better from the traditional crops round the year.

Habibur Rahman Mithu, 30, son of Atiar Rahman of Nabagram village in Shailkupa upazila after completion of his Masters Degree in political science, he was running a small business in Dhaka. Following illness f his father he came back home and took the steering of the family. 

To survive with dignity, the educated young man started faming applying modern technology with the advice and cooperation of local sub assistant agriculture officer (SAAO) of the department of agriculture extension (DAE) Mosleh Uddin Tuhin.

He said he brought 20 decimals of land under the summer watermelon spending an amount of Taka 20 thousand. Starting the transplantation of sapling in late April this year, he harvested the watermelon till late June at Taka 40 thousand. 

The yield reduced to 30 per cent when the platform of the fruits was badly damaged by cyclone Aphnan. Otherwise he could harvest more 70 per cent yield from the same plot.

The young farmer said he believes in success and failure in the life, desires to take the challenge as a farmer and prove his skill and confidence working hard. With the DAE advice he has been cultivating the crops, especially, summer onion, improved varieties of guava and some other short duration and profitable crops on his own and leased lands in the village.

He is expanding the area of summer watermelon farming on a total of 40 decimals in the next phase within a few weeks. The fruits will hit the market within eight weeks, he believes.

Following establishment as a farmer and reduce the unemployment in agriculture sector, Habibur Rahman Mithu said the agrarian country Bangladesh is no longer a button less basket like 1972. Rather, the country has been marching towards a significant progress with the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina continuously. 

The scenario of the country might be changed significantly if the educated and unemployed youths join in the agro fields to make the country a safe home for adequate safe food grains, fruits and vegetables production.

The farmer said he desires to give emphasis on fruit production with modern technology using high yielding seeds so that it might help reduce the importing of the fruits spending huge foreign currency every year.

SAAO of the DAE in Sarutia block Mosleh Uddin Tuhin when contacted said he was excited to witness the agriculture activities of a highly educated man like Habibur Rahman Mithu. He has been trying to rebuild the village with modern farming system using timely technology and quality and improved seeds.

The DAE has been rendering assistance and advise for him round the clock, Tuhin informed.