Waterlogging troubles farmers in Tarash

Published : 10 May 2022 10:29 PM | Updated : 10 May 2022 10:29 PM

Hundreds of bighas of paddy land are under water due to man-made waterlogging leading from digging of ponds in various parts of Sirajganj. Due to waterlogging caused by rains in the last few days, the situation of farmers is now miserable. The paddy has been submerged due to submergence of rains for several days in a row. Apart from this, the farmers are also in trouble for cutting paddy due to rains for a few days. Due to natural calamities and labor crisis, farmers are not relieved even after bumper yield of paddy.

On the other hand, the farmers are worried about the crop in fear of rain again. Compared to last year, bumper yield has been achieved in Boro cultivation on a large scale. But the farmers lost their way as they did not get any workers to harvest the paddy. For this reason, there is no smile on the face of farmers in boro bumper crop. All the local workers who are available have to pay double.

On the ground, it is seen in several fields including Serajpur, Gurma, Wasin, Tarash Sadar of Madhainagar union of the upazila, paddy has been submerged in rain water in the crop fields. Again the paddy of any land has fallen in the wind. Artificial waterlogging in crop lands. Due to digging of ponds everywhere, rain water could not be drained through the canals causing waterlogging. The face of the farmer has become dirty as there are no workers to harvest the paddy. In the torrential rains, the ripe paddy of the field is getting ruined. Farmers are suffering due to not being able to pick the harvest at the right time. Due to the shortage of adequate workers, a small number of high-skilled workers are being found.

Farmers Moniruzzaman, Altab Ali, Shariful Islam and many others said that the workers are taking Tk 5,000 to Tk 6,000 per bigha of paddy. They said that the influential people have closed the mouth of the bridge-culvert and built various structures, which has created artificial waterlogging in the land. Now there is a labor crisis to cut that paddy which is available to the workers. They have to pay double money again.

Tarash Upazila Agriculture Officer Lutfun Nahar Luna said that since the beginning of the current boro season, officials of all levels including field workers of the agriculture department have encouraged the farmers by giving them various directions. So far the farmers have been able to raise the amount of paddy in the house, the yield is very good. But due to the crisis of field labor, the farmers have got a little problem in harvesting paddy.