Water testing labs coming

This would help improve quality of water

Published : 10 Aug 2019 08:11 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:00 AM

The proposal to set up water quality testing laboratories in 52 districts of 8 divisions across the country has been finalised. This was done to ensure the supply of safe drinking water. This proposal came following the discovery of contaminants in the water pipelines of various areas. Reports published in this daily say that the pipelines contain chemicals and germs which can pose a serious threat to the health of people. 

Regular monitoring is to be done to accomplish the water sample testing operations in order to find drinking water contamination

We welcome the initiative taken by the government to safeguard drinking water across Bangladesh. The project will result in the establishment of a number of new water testing laboratories. Although there are 12 existing laboratories at present, experts have deemed that these are not sufficient to conduct the large scale testing that needs to be done. Moreover, regular monitoring is to be done to accomplish the water sample testing operations in order to mitigate drinking water contamination. 

Already the project evaluation committee has held a meeting on this at the beginning of this year and since then the proposal has been finished which awaits submission to ECNEC. In continuation to that, if the project gets approved then it will be able to test and identify contaminants of 52 districts across Bangladesh through 52 new water testing labs. Since the number of testing facilities in the country is only twelve, proper testing cannot be done because of problem in collecting and transporting regular samples. In this regard the locally based testing facilities will provide a boost in maintaining the regularity of the tests.

The authorities concerned should keep in mind that contaminants in the water can give rise to a number of diseases which can prove to be very harmful. The dengue menace in combination with water borne diseases can cause a very alarming situation in the country. The project proposal should be submitted to ECNEC as soon as possible and it should also be approved as this is a fine example of detection better than cure.