Water level rises in Barishal, low-lying areas inundated

Published : 14 Sep 2022 09:07 PM

Low-lying areas of Barishal city are submerged causing immense people suffering – due to the incessant heavy rains and rising water in the rivers. The low-lying areas along the river banks are inundated with tidal water. And the tidal water of Kirtankhola river is entering the lower areas of Barishal city through canals and drains.

Charbaria of Barishal Sadar, Char Kalijira of Kauwar, Char Hogla of Charmonai Union, Pashurikathi, Gilatli and Rasulpur, Palashpur, Amanatganj areas of the city have been flooded by the abnormal tide of Keytarnkhola River. In addition, many areas of Mehendiganj, Hijla, Muladi upazilas of the district have been flooded.

Mithun Bepary of Pasurikathi village of Charmonai Union of Barishal Sadar said, 'New areas are being flooded by tidal water. It is seriously disrupting the normal life.' According to the Water Development Board (PUBO), the water of Kirtankhola river adjacent to Barishal city in the division is flowing 13 cm above the boundary line. The water of Bishkhali River in Jhalkathi is 29 centimeters above the boundary, the water of Tentulia river near Bhola Kheyaghat is 10 centimeters above the boundary, the water of Surma-Meghna river in Bhola Daulatkhan is 64 centimeters above the boundary, the water of Surma-Meghna river in Tajumuddin is 87 centimeters above the boundary.

Besides, the water of Payra River in Mirzaganj of Patuakhali is 34 cm above the water level, the water of Bishkhali river is 36 cm above the water level in Barguna and 82 cm in Patharghata, the water of Baleshwar River is 14 cm above the water level in Pirojpur and the water of Kacha River is 22 cm above the water level in Umedpur.

Deputy Assistant Engineer of Barishal Town Masum said, due to the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal and the effect of the full moon, the water in all the rivers in the southern region is increasing during the tide. Due to the high wind speed, the water raised more. This is not a flood situation. Meanwhile, since Tuesday morning, continuous rain has caused waterlogging on various roads in the city. Knee-deep water has accumulated in some places. People going to office and going out for various jobs have suffered due to waterlogging.

The number of public transport on the road was also relatively less. Office-goers and ordinary people can be seen waiting for public transport, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws at every corner of the road. On this occasion, passengers complained that CNG-powered auto-rickshaws and rickshaw drivers took the fare as per their wish.