‘Waste to turn into energy’

Savar Municipality takes initiative for waste management

Published : 04 Nov 2019 07:03 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 07:27 AM

The dwellers of Savar Municipality are going to be freed from the curse of waste of the municipality area, after a long period of establishing the municipality.

‘Savar Municipality is planning to contract with an organization for waste management’, said Abdul Gani, Mayor of the municipality.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, he also said, “Savar municipal area is very populated. We have the arrangement to collect waste from our area but we don’t have the arrangement for waste removal, even we don’t have any land where we can remove the waste. Residents are suffering a lot due to this. I have been looking for a solution to this, since when I was elected as Mayor.”

He said, an organization, named ‘EU BD Power and Energy Ltd’, has shown their interest to build a dumping station and waste processing plant in Savar. We are in discussion with them. If this is possible then Residents will be free from the suffering.

The officials of the company informed us that, the waste will be processed into energy after collect, and later the processed energy will be added to National energy grid. Also, it is possible to produce a total of 12 products by processing these wastes, added the Mayor.

On other hand, Jahangir Alam Tushar, Director of EU BD Power and Energy Ltd, told to Bangladesh Post, “We have expressed interest to building a Dumping Station in Savar where we can able to processed waste. After processed the waste will turn into energy. However, In the meantime, we have started discussions with various government departments, because to do this, permission of various government department is required.”

Alhaz Abdul Gani, Mayor of Savar Municipality said, we need permission from several government offices. We hope, we will able to start the waste management activities very soon after completing all procedure.