Warm clothe sale picks up in Kishoreganj

Published : 07 Nov 2021 10:03 PM | Updated : 09 Nov 2021 12:28 PM

The sale of warm clothes at the shops set on the footpath of Kishoreganj town has become vibrant with the onset of winter. People are rushing to these shops to buy their chosen warm clothes at a comparatively lower price making the whole situation vibrant.

The shops of warm clothes are located at various places in Kishoreganj town. Particularly, heavy crowd of shopkeepers and buyers has been found on the footpath near Boro Bazar Teripatty and Municipality open Market in the district town on the occasion. Apart from this, traders at different parts of the town have been found selling the cloths on mobile carts. Customers are gathering to these carts eagerly to buy warm clothes at low cost to protect them in the upcoming winter season.

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While visiting different markets of the town, including Kishoreganj Judge Court area, Puranthana Bazar, Railway Station, Rathkhola, Akhra Bazar, Kali Bari Moor, Firmgate Moor, Gouranga Bazar Bridge, New Market and Municipality open Market etc. it was found that the shops have a wide collection of warm clothes for people of all age groups.

Abul Kashem, a buyer who came to shop warm clothes at Municipality Open Market said good quality clothes are available at low prices there but, this year the price of the warm clothes is higher than last year in the market.

A warm cloth seller Al-Amin said people will not get warm clothes at last year's price this year, because the price of per bale of warm clothes was Tk 14,000 last year but, now that has amounted to Tk 17,000. For this, the price of warm clothes is a bit higher this year. Shopkeeper Aftab Uddin said with the decrease in temperature and arrival of winter, the price of warm clothes will increase in the district. Each coat is selling at Tk 1,000 to 1,700 while a blanket is selling at Tk 600 to 3,000 this season.

He added, although they have not started the sale of warm clothes this year yet, they are getting orders for them every day. It was found that traders at Akhra Bazar, Gouranga Bazar, Puranthana, Rathkhola and New Market of the district town are now busy with preparation and sale of warm clothes.

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