Wailing in Narayanganj, paralyses treatment scope

Published : 11 Apr 2020 10:12 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 04:43 AM

Four physicians including district Civil Surgeon have already been infected by coronavirus and previously eight health workers including a physician remained in home quarantine due to close contact with COVID-19 patients. 

A large hospital in the district Khanpur 300 bed Hospital apparently under shutdown because of a medicine expert doctor of this hospital was  detected  as corona positive patient.

The Shamsudoha, resident physician of Khanpur Hospital in front the media told it that the infected physician was sick for the  last four days and provided treatment to the patients. He added we had contacted health department several times  to collect sample of suspected physician but they didn’t do. Later the physician went to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, had the sample tested and confirmed that he was a  corona patient. 

All private clinics and hospitals in the city had already  stopped providing treatment and  even stopped admission of  new patients  for consultancy.  On the other hand, corona infection rate is  increasing  rapidly indicating higher graph everyday. Though the officially declared death toll  stands at 7 and infected patients number 70 till today. 

But the people assume that the death toll more or less reached around a dozen and infected patients number would be  higher if sample testing is available here.  However the destitute people out-crying and also demonstrating in different parts of the district  asking for  relief goods.  The majority stage demos  in the outskirt of the city corporation area. The people representatives who failed  to distribute the relief goods among the starving people,  branded the demonstration as  provocation. 

Poor people who stranded in the district after declaration of lockdown, they don’t get any relief goods from the municipality chairmen and members because they are not permanent resident of the district.

More than  three lakhs day laborers who lived on pulling rickshaw or day basis income have been passing the days taking meal once in a day.

Municipality chairman and the  members chased them on a lame excuse to  show  them  their NID  to prove them  as the residents of the  jurisdiction get relief goods otherwise go back.  At the same time, in these  disastrous days Narayanganj people experience both treatment and relief crisis.