Wahiba's World: Revived Iraqi TV Drama breaks Taboos

Published : 18 Mar 2024 09:18 PM
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After a 27-year hiatus, the groundbreaking Iraqi TV drama "Wahiba's World" returns to screens, challenging societal norms and shedding light on the gritty realities of life in a war-torn nation. Initially banned by Saddam Hussein for its stark portrayal of existence under sanctions, the show resurfaces during Ramadan, a time of heightened viewership across the Middle East.

Directed by Samer Hikmat, the revived series tackles pressing social issues plaguing Iraqi society, including drug addiction, crime, divorce, and unemployment. Against the backdrop of decades-long turmoil stemming from wars, invasions, and the scourge of ISIS, the show delves into the lives of characters grappling with the aftermath of conflict and chaos.

One of the central themes of the series is the rise of drug lords in Iraq, exploiting the instability to amass wealth at the expense of vulnerable youth ensnared in addiction. As the country grapples with endemic corruption and a fragile economy, "Wahiba's World" serves as a stark reminder of the human cost of conflict and the challenges of rebuilding a shattered nation.

Despite facing censorship and adversity in the past, the show returns with renewed vigor, airing during prime time on the Iraqi local private channel UTV. Featuring both new and returning cast members, the series follows the journey of Wahiba's granddaughter as she navigates the complexities of modern-day Iraq.

"Wahiba's World" is part of a larger trend in Iraqi television this Ramadan, with several shows addressing taboo topics and societal issues. From unemployment to child marriage, these dramas aim to provoke discussion and challenge prevailing norms in a country still grappling with its turbulent history.

As Iraqi television steps into the spotlight once again, these dramas serve as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, and the importance of confronting uncomfortable truths to foster meaningful change in society.