VIVO to launch new phone of Y series

Vivo has been gaining popularity for the innovation of latest smartphone technology and the addition of new technologies to their phones. Following this, vivo is going to launch a new smartphone with side fingerprint sensor technology.

The new smartphone of Vivo Y series will be launched in Bangladesh soon. Besides side fingerprint sensor, the new smartphone has 5000mAh battery. 

Tanzib Ahamed, deputy brand manager of Vivo Bangladesh, said, “Since the advent of fingerprint technology in the smartphone, almost all the brands have been using this technology in various ways.”

“Vivo, for the first time, has already introduced in-display fingerprint technology. This time, Vivo to add the side fingerprint sensor technology,” he added.

“In special circumstances, if one wants to save time or use the device immovably, the side fingerprint is more efficient than the rear fingerprint. Vivo to launch this new Y series phone soon. Although the Y series was introduced mainly for young people, this phone will appeal the users of all ages,” said Mr. Tanzib.

Vivo yet to announce the price of the new smartphone. Vivo launched two phones in a row, Vivo Y50 and Vivo Y30, during corona pandemic. Both phones were midrange budget phones.