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Vivo introducing lights with automatic decisive ability

Published : 25 Mar 2023 07:03 PM | Updated : 06 Jun 2023 04:54 PM

Suppose you’re clicking a photo. But the lighting isn’t adequate. So you are to take pictures with the flash light on. Irony is, the beam of flash will dazzle your face or you’ll look oily. But you can’t take a decent pic either in such low light. It can even ruin a picturesque shot.

What if the light itself could decide when to illuminate and when not as per the existing brightness level?

Light with automatic decisiveness isn’t any myth now. Global smartphone company vivo is going to introduce an outstanding boon of technology, the ‘Aura Light’. It’s the exclusive portrait algorithm of vivo that is able to think on its own. With an impressing intelligence of understanding, the aura light can even measure the luminosity of objects and modify the light tones as needed in darkness. It’s smart to create picture-perfect ambiance too.

The aptitude of naming ‘Aura’ lies in here, as it will expose the surrounding beauty of the targeted objects. It comprises of three separate lights that will provide the required brightness. No need of uncontrolled flash lights anymore. This new tech-specification is enough to radiate vigor and sparkle amidst the darkness of night.

Vivo has been enabling the mass to indulge in technical advantages within rock-bottom price since its arrival. Two new handsets of vivo’s V series, V27 and V27e are going to be launched very soon in Bangladesh with an utterly new experience. Both of them are equipped with Aura light technology.