Viral fever outbreak

Chuadanga Sadar Hospital overflows with patients

Published : 10 Jul 2024 10:11 PM | Updated : 10 Jul 2024 10:11 PM

As the number of patients suffering from viral fever, cold and cough has increased in Chuadanga in the last several days, hospitals in the district are struggling to provide treatment to them.

Sources said a large number of people, mostly children and the elderly, have been admitted to Chuadanga Sadar Hospital with such health problems and there is no space even on the floor of the two medicine wards of the hospital.

Acting Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital Dr Waheed Mahmud Robin said not only fever, patients with cough and breathing problems are coming constantly. Besides, about 500 to 550 patients suffering from fever, cough and breathing problems are receiving treatment from the outpatient department of the hospital every day.

Doctors of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital and different clinics said it is viral fever, cold and cough. It is somewhat cold due to rain while there is hot outside, they said, urging people to be careful during this period.

Sources in the male and female medicine wards of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital said, a total of 545 patients were admitted to the two wards from July 8 to July 10 (till 12:00pm). Of them, the female medicine ward has 46 beds and three cabins. The male medicine ward has 65 beds and two cabins. But, 260 people were admitted to the male medicine ward while 285 to the female medicine ward in the last three days. The number of admitted patients is more than double of the capacity of the two wards. Among them, 80 percent are patients with fever and cold.

While visiting the two wards of the hospital on Wednesday afternoon, this correspondent found that patients were receiving treatment staying on the floor. There is little space. Around 80 percent of the patients have fever while the number of elderly and children is more. 

Apart from this, the patients suffering from various diseases, including cough, breathing difficulty and cardiac problem with fever, are receiving treatment.

A woman named Shiuli Begum said, “I am in the hospital with my mother who is suffering from fever for the last three days. There is heavy pressure of patients in the ward. There is no place left.”

Another woman named Parveen Akhter said her mother-in-law has been suffering from cold, fever and breathing difficulty for the last four days. As her condition worsened, she was admitted to the hospital four days ago, she said.

Acting RMO of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital Dr Waheed Mahmud Rabin said the flow of patients is very high at the medicine wards of the hospital and most patients have been admitted with viral fever.