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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact

Violence against women increases

Published : 02 Jul 2020 09:47 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:20 AM

Violence against women and girls has soared up amid coronavirus pandemic. Arguments, conflict, clash, frustration and tension increased significantly at many families during the ongoing coronavirus situation.

A report published by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Legal Aid Sub-Council on Thursday asseverated that some 308 women and girls were tortured in the country in June. Of them, 101 women and girls were raped.

The statistics also highlighted, 25 women were gang raped, seven were killed after rape. Besides, 15 others were attempted to rape. In the meantime, a total of 14 people have been abducted in June.

62 women and girls were killed for various reasons, according to them. Five of them were killed due to dowry.
Ciminology experts said economic and mental stability of people has completely been broken due to general holiday and lockdown of more than three months. Torture on women and girls at home is an impact of people's mental restlessness.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, A B M Najmus Sakib who teaches Criminology at the University of Dhaka (DU) said, “Society is passing a crucial economic and political time because of this pandemic. Economic collapse is also causing breakdown in many families."

“Many lost their all savings and belongings so the number of crime rate has been increasing. Brutality against women is also soaring. One of the key reasons may be people are kind of confined at their homes for a long period of time” he added.

Crime analyst and researcher Nasir Ahmed told Bangladesh Post, “It happened during pandemic and recession. People became violent as they had lost their economic pace. Their amity gets disrupted.”

“Boosting morality, awarness, harmony and working together to fight against the virus may help to get over such jeopardy. I would request parents to keep a healthy relation with their children,” he added.