Violence against children continues unabated

Perpetrators must be brought to book

Published : 31 May 2023 08:18 PM

We are expressing shock and concern over the repression and violence against a child in Habiganj. A kid was allegedly tied to an autrorickshaw and beaten up by the driver of the vehicle at Madhabpur in Habiganj.

The boy allegedly impaired some parts of the autrorickshaw. The driver then tied the child to his autrorickshaw with rope and beat him up mercilessly, according to reports published in different national dailies in details. The kid fell sick after being subjected to barbaric torture. Locals later rescued him. Police arrested the autrorickshaw driver in this connection.

On Saturday five school children were picked up and tied to a tree in filmy style in Jamalpur. Police received 999 phone call in this connection and arrested two people including a local political leader. The incident took place at Bagabaid village in the municipal area of the district city.

Social awareness will have to be created

to stop

violence against


Incidents of child repression in the last few days remind us that we could not create an environment for children to grow safely and cheerfully. The government is giving special attention on taking immediate action once repression on children in any form takes place as it wants children to be safe and good human beings.

However, the incidents of violence against children will continue to happen if the government does not take stern action against the culprits. We always say that today’s children are the future of the nation. Yes, they are indeed, but we have to build the future generation as good human beings by creating scopes to utilise their talent, knowledge and intellect.

The government will have to work to ensure child rights and their safety everywhere. Apart from the government, people from all walks of life will also have to work together to stop repression on children. In this regard, social and cultural organisations should play important role in eliminating repression against children from the society. 

The government has formulated different laws against violence against children as it is committed to ending the menace. However, we all should come forward to build resistance against the social menace and be vocal against child repression. Social awareness will have to be created to stop repression on children immediately.