Violation of government directives on public movement

We must be persuaded to stay home

It is terrifying to see that despite countrywide army deployment to ensure social distancing, a large number of people in the capital Dhaka and other parts of the country are still unnecessarily roaming around violating social distancing and mandatory self-quarantine rules. 

Law enforcers told us that they are struggling to make people stay at home in the government’s efforts to contain the deadly disease (COVID-19). No doubt, such violation of government's guidelines on public movement will frustrate government efforts to quell the spread of coronavirus.

In this critical situation, common people must abide by government orders issued to slowdown the spread of coronavirus. If anyone violates the rules, legal action would be taken against him/her under the Contagious Diseases Act 2018. We must be persuaded to stay home, and a system should be put in place to track down and isolate the infected and take care of them outside the home.

If anyone violates the rules, legal action 

would be taken against him/her under 

the Contagious Diseases  Act 2018

People across the country should take the deadly disease seriously and take more precautions because even developed nations like the US are not able to stop the spread of the disease despite having the best of resources and technology.

Developed nations with lesser population, good health facilities and best of the resources and technology have not been able to stop the spread of the disease. Bangladesh being one of the most densely populated countries in the world with people still living in slums cannot afford to neglect. Therefore, we need to take more precaution.

This is a bigger war than World War. World war was fought between nations but right now the emergency war each one has to wage is within and we must ensure that our bodies are not infected by the virus.