Villages with modern facilities to lead economic boost

Decentralised economy needed

Published : 30 Sep 2021 08:22 PM | Updated : 01 Oct 2021 04:30 PM

Government has come up with groundbreaking initiatives to decentralize our economy and make the rural areas more developed for sustainable development of the nation. 

To maintain its position among the developing countries and become a higher middle income country by 2031, we will need strong industrial and manufacturing sector, which will help maintain high economic growth. For this, we will need to accelerate the structural transformation of the economy.

The country has been gradually moving from an agro-based economy to a manufacturing-based economy as a result of the pursuit of effective government policies and action plans during the last 12 years. Therefore, it said, the contribution of agriculture to the GDP has been gradually declining and the desired structural transformation is taking place in the economy.

The country has been gradually moving 

from an agro-based economy to a 

manufacturing-based economy

My Village, My Town" project will include road communication, telecommunication including Internet connectivity, health centres and sanitation and waste management among other targets. The concept of 'My Village, My Town' has been taken up to equip the villages with urban facilities, especially through establishing ICT and digital communication infrastructures, and improved education and healthcare.

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Now all these initiatives to make the rural areas more economically self-sufficient is definitely a big challenge for everyone. To win this challenge we have to make a suitable, practical and sustainable plan and provide all the vital facilities needed for a particular village to become a modern city. 

The people living in rural areas have always been keenly waiting with great hopes and desire to see their villages equipped with modern facilities according to their own preferences. If we can implement these projects swiftly then those days are not far when we will be able to decentralize our economy.