Vested quarters out to malign government

Take necessary action to hold them to account

It is disappointing to note that vested quarters are allegedly trying to malign the government by triggering protests against the reported gang rape attempt of a housewife in Begumganj Upazila of Noakhali.

Several incidents of violence against women were reported recently, but it is good to note that the government is taking harsh steps to ensure exemplary punishment for the perpetrators. We are informed that law enforcing agencies have arrested almost all accused in the cases of violence against women. Nevertheless, a section of anti-government politicians are trying to create anarchy and defame the government by instigating protests over the recent rape incidents.

We are deeply concerned over the incidents of violence 

against women and demand speedy trial in all the cases

One does not need to study political science to understand that anti-government politicians, including BNP and Jammat leaders, are instigating such ill-motivated protests as part of a conspiracy against the government.  Indeed, such a pointless approach exposes their lack of acumen in terms of building a successful social movement. Therefore, we must devise necessary plan to hold those persons to account who are responsible for manipulating information and running anti-government propaganda.

The opposition has the right to question and get them answered by the party in government. They also have the right to criticise the ruling party or the government in any fault, but the criticism has to be constructive and plausible and, importantly, should not be the tool to spread propaganda and hatred.

We are deeply concerned over the incidents of violence against women and demand speedy trial in all the cases. We believe that the number of such incidents will reduce if the trials are completed within a short period.

Incidents of violence against women happen almost every day in our country, but the issues gets lost into the passages of time. There are many instances where the rapists come out on bail after getting arrested. Considering the situation, the government must adopt tough legal measures to prosecute rapists and violators in no time. Also we must adopt a policy of zero tolerance to violence against women.