Vehicles will not be able to enter port without online fee

Published : 14 Sep 2021 09:26 PM

The port allowed cargo vehicles to enter through the eight gates of the port by paying an online fee.  So far, online as well as cash has been taken to keep pace with the new rules.  However, that opportunity is going to be closed from today.  Port authorities will not allow any vehicle to enter the port border without paying the full online fee.

 According to the Chattogram Port Authority security department, online container entry applications and fee payment activities have been going on in the container yard on the north side of the port for some time now under the 'Gate Control Management System’. online payment of fees, freight vehicles have also been given the opportunity to enter through the traditional rules i.e. payment in cash from 11 july.  8-10 thousand vehicles enter the port every day.  Everyone has been given more than two months to adapt to the modern process.  However, the port authorities are being strict about paying online fees.

Chattogram Port Authority Secretary Mohammad Umar Farooq said the rules for entering the port area through online payment of fees have been introduced since last July.  It has been given more than two months to adapt to the new method.  Today, no cargo vehicles will be allowed to enter the port without paying the fee online.  To avoid the complication of paying fees online, service desks are being set up near the eight gates of the port.  He said the process would go one step further in modernizing the port.