Vehicles auctioned for scrap parts roam freely in Patuakhali

Published : 27 Nov 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 28 Nov 2021 04:21 PM

In recent years, the number of vehicles without road permit has increased rapidly in Patuakhali district. Many of the motorcycles and cars roaming in the town were bought from government auctions which were sold for scrap parts. In addition, these vehicles are being sold in very low prices by which government is losing much revenue.

Locals in Patuakhali town said that many motorcycles and cars can be seen without number plates every day, specially around Sheikh Russel Shishu Park area, new four-lane road and Judge Court area. Many vehicles without number plates are frequently be seen speeding and breaking rules. As they don’t have any number plates provided by BRTA, processing these vehicles for traffic violations become complicated.

After investigation, it was seen that vehicles that are being seized by police and court authorities are sold as scrap parts at auctions from time to time. In Patuakhali, many mint conditioned motorcycles are being sold at very low prices by which government are losing a huge amount of revenue. To make the matter worse, owners of these vehicles are using these as a method of transportation where it is clearly stated that these vehicles are not permitted to be driven on road. 

It was seen that many government officials and their acquaintances are using these vehicles after buying those from auctions. Couple of those motorcycles were seen on Patuakhali Magistrate Court premise. These vehicles were seen in mint conditioned which were sold at auctions stating that the vehicles were not in driving condition. Such scams are questioning the authenticity of these auctions.

According to the notification issued by Bangladesh Road Transport Authorities, no vehicle can be driven on road without registration and number plate. While contacted, BRTA officials said that vehicles sold at auctions as scrap parts are not meant to be driven in the roads. These vehicles can be used in criminal  activities, they feared.

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