Vegetables prices soar in Dinajpur kitchen market

Prices of different vegetables in the kitchen markets have gone up over the last couples od days in Dinajpur.

Moreover, prices of daily essentials have also been increased.

Many consumers express their frustration at the increased price at the kitchen markets. "Too much expenditure, I can't run my family. It seems that I want to flee from family........... " this is how lamented Sree Shwapan at a Kitchen market in Dinajpur.

On the other hand, grocery owner Laddan said every customers of his shop were expressing their dissatisfaction at the high price of essentials. As a shopkeeper, I am also helpless. The main reason of frustration of the consumer is for the high price of the onion and rice. Besides, prices of oil, salt, flour, broiler, egg etc. have also been soared.

The prices of oil, flour, rice, pulses and eggs have been registered a rise in a couples of days. Among these, the price of oil rose by Tk. 3.00 per litre, rice at Tk.8.00 per kg, flour at Tk. 2.00 per kg and masur dal)(lentil) at TK. 15 per kg. Within last one week, the price of eggs has also risen again to Tk. 10 per four eggs.

The price of imported onion has not come down below Tk. 150 in the open market while the local variety of onion is being sold at Tk. 160 to 180 per kg. The onion is being sold somewhere for Tk. 200. On the other hand, prices of most vegetables are out of reach for a long time. Despite the supply of winter vegetables, there is no sign of a price drop. For the past month and a half, vegetables including beans, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato and radish are being sold at a high price.