Vegetable, rice prices up

Prices of eggs, vegetables and rice have gone up while prices of other products including edible oil, meat and spices remained unchanged.

The capital's different kitchen markets at Rampura, Khilgaon, Shantinagar and Badda areas reflected the prices on Friday.

In these markets, price of rice increased from Tk 2 to Tk 4 per kilogram (kg) compared to that in the previous week. Miniket was being sold at Tk 60 to Tk 62 per kg, which was Tk 58 to Tk 60 last week. Nazirshail was being sold at Tk 62 to Tk 65 per kg with a slight increase. However, the price of BR-28 and some other varieties of rice has remained unchanged. Per kg BR-28 was being sold at Tk 48 to Tk 50 per kg.

Edible oil was being sold at Tk 151 to Tk 155 per liter in these markets. A half-liter bottle was Tk 80.

In these markets, carrots were being sold at Tk 100 per kg, brinjal at Tk 50 to 60 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 40, okra at Tk 45 to Tk 55 per kg, tomato at Tk 50 per kg, string beans at Tk 30 per kg, pumpkin at Tk 30 per kg and snake gourd at Tk 30 per kg.

Parwal was being sold at Tk 50, shajne (Drumsticks) at Tk 50 to Tk 60, potato at Tk 20, papaya at Tk 40 to 50, cucumber at Tk 50, and green chilli at Tk 40 to 50 per kg.

Per kg onion was selling at Tk 50 to Tk 55. Garlic was Tk 80 to Tk 130 per kg, ginger Tk 80 to Tk 150. Turmeric was being sold at Tk 180 to Tk 220. The price of sugar has gone up to Tk 75 per kg. Besides, packets of sugar are being sold at Tk 78 to Tk 80 per kg.

An onion trader at Rampura Bazar told this journalist that, "Immediately after the proposed budget, onion price went up. On the other hand, onion supply from India is also interrupted. With all these, onion market has been remaining unstable since some days."

Sonali chickens price is Tk220 per kg, broiler chickens at Tk130 and layer chickens at Tk 240 to Tk 250 per kg.

The prices of beef, spices and other products remained unchanged in the market. Mutton is selling at Tk 700 to Tk 750 and beef at Tk 580 per kg.

However, price of different fishes remain the same as in the past week.

In these markets, per kg chital fish was selling at Tk 450 to Tk 500, Awn fish at Tk 500, Rohi at Tk 250 to Tk 350 per kg, Katla at Tk 280 to Tk 380, Tilapia sold at Tk Tk 150, Boal fish at Tk 400 to Tk 500, Pangas sold at Tk 140 to Tk 170, Pabda sold at Tk 150 to Tk 250, and Shing sold at Tk 300 to Tk 450 (based on quality and size).